Lights, Camera… Runway
Haute Couture in the Bay Islands

December 24th, 2014
by Natelee Forbes

Explosions of color and cutting-edge designs were the hallmarks of the recent “Couture Evening” a fashion show organized by Junior Alarcon and Junk Boutique. Eleven local models were selected to showcase the winter 2014/summer 2015 collection at the Buccaneer restaurant in Roatan’s West End.

The vision behind this selection of roughly 15 pieces is displayed in the outpouring of nature. Pure elegance graces the runway with airy lady-like variations of materials and patterns. Elements from the garden represent the focal point for this season. Establishing delicate flower patterns radiates perfection as a cohesive design detail among all the silhouettes.  The overall romantic femininity lures our attention, leaving us wanting more.

Some of the colorful selections from the Junior Alarcon collection. (photo by Natelee Forbes)

Some of the colorful selections from the Junior Alarcon collection. (photo by Natelee Forbes)

Aureolin yellow grabs the eye with this collaboration of a simplistic silhouette artistically paired with a unique approach in design. The endless array of polished creativity is just among some of the few designs that were showcased at this event.







Dress 1-web



dress 4-webThe white embroidery against the green contrast ground portrays a presence of youthful bliss. The classy silhouette that tailors the body nicely creates an adoring lively look. This is the perfect way to transition into summer.









Dress 2-web






Creating cutting-edge ravishing design patterns that transfer a sensibility of excitement in viewers is what this white high-low dress represents. This silhouette is stunning with the usage of formfitting elements mixed with layers of free flowing design pieces. This look shouts utter glamour!





Junior Alarcon, a prêt-a por-ter designer, is taking the fashion seen by storm, starting off this New Year with an explosion! Select pieces from this show can be purchased at Junk Boutique,  a retailer located at the Mall Megaplaza in French Harbour specializing in women’s ready-to-wear and couture pieces, known for a dedication to exclusive designs, luxurious fabrics, a perfected fit and techniques of construction with one-of-a-kind service.

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