Leo Vides

September 10th, 2011

[private] v9-9-Fashion-Leo VidesWho & Where From: Full of confidence, radiating energy and with a distinctive, balanced voice Leo Vides, 60, is a classic Honduran gentleman, an increasingly rarer creature no doubt. Leo is the first child in a working family of four from El Progreso. Neither one of his parents could read nor write, but Leo says they provided for him as much as they could. His father worked at the Tela Railroad Company and suffered an accident when Leo was just eight. At 13, Leo found out that he had a gift for public speaking and that he was good with a microphone. He finished school in Mexico and moved to the US where he spent 30 years and eventually ending up in the radio station Super Q in Miami. Ten years ago he moved to Roatan and re-launched his Honduran career with 106.7 FM, under Steve Bush.
What & Why: We caught up with Leo during a typical work day at his radio station located in Plaza Mar. He wore a striped, short sleeved cotton dress shirt he picked up in Tegucigalpa. In a pocket of his shirt he wears two Seiko automatic pens, purchased for $120 at Panama City Freeport. His gray, pleaded, dress pants were tailor-made for Leo in Tela. The cotton and dacron pants cost him $35. A black and brown, reversible belt with a silver buckle was a souvenir purchase for Leo during his visit to Guanajuato, Mexico – $12. His black leather loafers were hand made for Leo in Tegucigalpa by Lolo Zapatería. They set Leo back $35. His only two accessories are rings. One is a white gold plated Motagua Eagles ring, custom made for him in Panama – a hefty $250. A second ring was also a hefty Lps. 5,000 at a jewelry store in Coxen Hole.
In Conclusion: “I grew up poor, even hunger. My clothes had patches upon patches,” described his childhood Leo. “So now it is important for me to be dressed with style.” A father of 14, Leo was blessed with 13 daughters, two of whom, Ana and Karla, work with him at his radio station. Leo says that his daughters always buy him shirts and his favorite cologne “Obsession.” Our hat is off to this Honduran gentleman. [/private]

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