Leadership, What Leadership?

December 1st, 2009
by Patrick Flynn

[private] v7-12-Utila PerspectiveHow does one define Leadership? I believe there are many forms of leadership, and because as human beings, I am happy to know that God has created us all differently. We all have experienced our first forms of leadership in our home from our parents.

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “you are a born leader.” Leaders are created, and when one accepts this challenging path, it should be built on the foundation of honesty and integrity. As a good leader you are responsible for setting the example for others to follow.

Often, we see our elected leaders change once they experience the taste of power. They soon forget that they were appointed or elected to serve the people. Greed does nasty things. Some leaders are only interested in their personal radio station of WIIFM: What’s In It For Me.

Soon, you will have the opportunity to choose leaders for the next term. Many times we find it easy to sit on our hands doing nothing, because we believe we are not good enough, or care enough to make change. I am here to say that we are all important. From the new born child, to our elderly people, the farmer, the business owner, or the bare-footed child trying to make a living to help his family; you have the right to elect leaders whose first interest and responsibilities are to the people of Utila, the Bay Islands, and Honduras.

How many of you know your rights provided in the Constitution? If you don’t know your rights as a citizen you need to learn about them. As a democratic society we have been given checks and balances, making sure our elected officials are conducting their official duties of the elected office with honesty and integrity.

During my early days I was taught a lesson on how to boil a frog alive. If you drop a live frog into a boiling pot of water, the frog will jump out faster than when it was dropped in. Now place the frog into a pot of normal temperature water, the frog will enjoy its new private pool. Slowly turn up the temperature and the frog believes it now has its own private hot-tub. In time the frog will not notice this change until its skin begins to fall away from its body unable to do anything.

How many of you have found yourselves in what may seem to be normal temperature water? How many of you just sit there and grumble your life away because of the current situation on Utila, Guanaja, or Roatan? We are not just talking about our own future, but the future of our children. We do not have the right to destroy theirs. Today corruption is found in all levels of leadership. We know deals are made away from the negotiating table at golf courses and gentlemen’s clubs to name a few. Money changes hands where it cannot be seen, or other services rendered to sweeten the deal. It is well known that this is how business is conducted around the world and the Bay Islands as well as Honduras are no acceptation.

Our Leaders do not want to be questioned about their actions, because they are benefitting from our behavior as frogs. However, as private citizens you are granted the privilege of checks and balances afforded to you under the Constitution of Honduras. It is time for you, the private citizen to become a part of the checks and balances.

Freedom and democracy are not free. The question we should be asking ourselves daily is; are we willing to pay the price to preserve freedom? If we wait too long to do what has to be done, we find ourselves in the situation Honduras finds itself with the rest of the world. We did what had to be done, but because it was so drastic and fast, the world is just now absorbing and understanding the truth. We have to establish our checks and balances, keeping in mind they are afforded to us by our Constitution.

Our Leaders cannot legally stop us from exercising our rights granted to us by our Constitution. When we are prevented from exercising our rights, we must keep proper documentation of all actions. Under the law, we can have our leaders legally removed from office. These are our rights as citizens. Our leaders need to know they are being watched and will be held accountable for their actions or they will continue to do as they have always done. And we will continue to grumble, joining the frog in his hot-tub. [/private]

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