Kirian Herrera

April 27th, 2012

[private] v10-5-Fashion Police-Who & Where From: Kirian Herrera, 23, caught the photographer’s eye while selling tamales on West End Road, across from the never-ending construction project in front of Coconut Tree, the day before Palm Sunday. Kirian moved to Roatan from Colon, on the Honduran Mainland, eight years ago and now lives in Sandy Bay. She has been selling tamales in West End every day for the last two years. She said business was looking good heading into Holy Week, running ahead of last year’s pace.

What & Why: On the day we spotted her, Kirian sported a pink and white floral-print short-sleeved V-neck blouse, black hip-hugging capri pants and wide black leather belt, accessorized by a matching pink flower above her right ear to evoke a sort of Polynesian motif reminiscent of a Paul Gaugin painting. She claims the entire ensemble was acquired somewhere in Coxen Hole (she was foggy on the details) and she just threw it on before heading out the door to work Saturday morning. We suspect a bit of faux modesty at work here, as such eye-catching combinations seldom come together by accident.

In Conclusion: “Es bonita,” Kirian said when asked her impression of the gathering Semana Santa festivities on the island. Likewise, we think Kirian’s fashion-sense and neat coiffure add a welcome splash of color and casual elegance to the parade of flip-flops, shorts, swimsuits and hangovers one normally finds on a Saturday morning on West End Road. [/private]

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