Kimberly Joannie Bodden

October 17th, 2011

v9-10-Fashion-Kimberly BoddenWho & Where From: We caught up with Kimberly Joannie Bodden at the September 15th parade in Coxen Hole. Though she was just a spectator, her outfit had plenty to draw the eye. Kimberly, 23, originally from Sainte Helene, has been living in Coxen Hole since she was 12. Now, after a two-year stint as a schoolteacher at Jeraldine Woods Primary School, Kimberly is a schoolteacher working at the Learning Center in Sandy Bay. On September 15, she was cheering the Methodist group of teachers and some students she knew. Her most memorable experience from Independence Day was in 2008 when she carried a flagpole.
What & Why: Kimberly’s sleeveless shirt and light brown stretch pants were found at the Coxen Hole Carrion store for Lps. 500. Her woven, brown cowboy hat was a purchase from a vendor stand at the Megaplaza Mall-Lps. 110. Kimberly owns four cowboy hats, not all of them brown. Her glass bead necklace, also brown, she purchased in French Harbour for Lps. 100. Her sunglasses, brown shades with metal frames, were purchased at the Carry boutique in Coxen Hole–$20. Her two striped bracelets came from Nichita store, a steal at $3. Her two silver plated rings were as well-Lps. 300 each, purchased from a Guatemalan vendor at Plaza Mar. Her belt, again brown, was purchased from Miss Lidia, a local lady who sales clothes door to door.
In Conclusion: Kimberly likes things consistent … and brown. “I have a bag of clothes that are purple and a bag of clothes that are brown,” says Kimberly about her color preferences. “In May I started wearing brown. I don’t really know why.” Staying in one color range certainly simplifies the mixing and matching one has to do.

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