Keena Haylock

July 1st, 2009

[private] v7-7-Fashion-Keena HaylockWho & Where From?: Keena Haylock, 33, is an island girl. A single mom to a three-year-old daughter Erin she has a degree in real estate and commercial law from UNAH and is the first ever born-on-the-Islands Notary Public. “I believe in making a difference. Many island people believe too often that they get their education and stay abroad,” said Keena. Keena’s aunt was the mayor of Guanaja and Keena, now member of Central Committee of the National Party, has a hand on the pulse of the Bay Islands. We caught-up with Keena at a 1950s Cuban themed fundraising event at Henry Morgan. Medicines for Roatan brought out the ‘fashion demon’ in over a hundred people
What & Why: Keena’s one button black jacket (purchased at a 20% sale at Tegucigalpa’s United Colors of Benneton) along with matching pants and white cotton shirt were found at Tegucigalpa’s Multiplaza (around $1,000). The jacket was originally purchased for taking the Notary Public exam in front of the 15 supreme court justices in 2005. “It shows respect to the judge and the entire process,” explains Keena. Keena is an expert at intimidating any opponents, in or out of court, that she runs into. “This is how I would dress for court appearances, minus the hat and the big earrings,” said Keena. Appearances do matter, so use every advantage you have against your opponent. Black leather stiletto shoes with 5″ heels by Nine West were also found at a Mall in Tegucigalpa for $70. “It puts me at 6′-2″,” admits Keena. Stilettos are not part of Keena’s courthouse look, because in Honduras wearing stilettos in court can get you charged in contempt. Keena saves the shoes for less official occasions. A black Fredericks of Hollywood hat, $24, was purchased on-line. It has a black band and a bow. Black stone, metal and black feather earring were purchased in Miami at New York and Company accessories – $30. A silver ring with a stone detail, $100, was a purchase from a Tegucigalpa mall. A chain mail Fossil watch, $120, purchased at Eldon’s Duty Free at the Airport. Completing the look was a red silk flower in her hair – a gift from her Tegucigalpa assistant.
In Conclusion: “Most people don’t know me enough to get me a gift. And it is difficult to get to know me. I am very guarded,” says Keena. “I live silver and I love eccentric… feather, strange,” says Keena to those brave enough to master a gift for her. [/private]

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