Jessie and Jenny Bodden

January 1st, 2010
by Jennifer Mathews Photograph by Benjamin Roberts

[private] v8-1-Fashion-DoubleTrouble

Who & Where From?: Jessie and Jenny Bodden, 18, are fraternal twins. They were born in New Orleans to Roatanian Emily Flowers in 1991, and moved with their mother to Roatan when they were 10 years old. They have spent the past 8 years in Sandy Bay, attending school, graduating from ESBIR in June of 2009. Both are off to the University of Houston to begin classes in January. In university, Jessie would like to pursue a degree in marketing for her interest in business and finance. She would like to return to Roatan to run her mother’s businesses – a shop and real estate office. Jenny would like to pursue a career in dentistry, inspired by her cousin, who is also a dentist, and by the fact that dentistry has a shorter study term than other fields in medicine.
What & Why: The girls dressed for the glamour shoot in grey soft cotton off the shoulder shirts with gold chain straps, purchased in Tegucigalpa on a school trip from Glamour, Lps. 580. Their jeans shorts were also purchased in Tegus at the mall’s Old Navy store, Lps. 450 and 480. The girls wore similar strap sandals. Jenny’s silver pair was purchased at the Unlimited in La Ceiba, while Jessie’s black pair came from Dillard’s in New Orleans, both gifts. Although twins, the two could not be more different. Jessie, who was born 24 minutes before Jenny, is into doing her hair and nails, while Jenny is into sports, particularly football. Jenny’s hair is colored a deep chestnut, while Jessie maintains her natural black. Jewelry for the girls consisted of valued gifts. Jessie wore a gold ring that was a gift from her boyfriend, and silver hoops from the West End twins, Anna and Pilar. Jenny sported diamond studs and a gold bracelet from her mother.
In Conclusion: The twins, though very different in personality and goals, maintain a relationship where they can rely on one another. When asked how they would fare attending the same university, Jessie responded, “Jenny’s going to help me with my homework!” Case in point, the different faces of the Bodden twins both look fantastic in a great outfit. [/private]

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