Jessica Flowers

October 1st, 2008

[private] v6-10-Fashion-Jessica FlowersWho & Where From?: Jessica Flowers, 20, with two sisters and three brothers, is the oldest in her family. She was born in the Thicket of Coxen Hole and has always lived there. She attended the town’s public schools: first Juan Brooks Elementary School, then Instituto Santos Guardiola. Jessica is already a mom and her little baby girl, Nariah, will turn three years old in December. She has been working at Captain Van’s Rental store in West Bay.
What & Why: Her cotton dress was bought at the La Ceiba “American Outfit” mall store for $150. With brown diagonal stripes and flower pattern it is perfect for an end of summer look. Jessica’s leather flip-flops by “Wear-it-Declare-it,” lined with golden colored beads, were purchased at So Tropic store at the West Bay Mall for $40. Her dark brown purse, decorated with a wave marine pattern, was also purchased at So Tropic. Sunglasses, $20, you guessed it–bought at So Tropic. “They have nice things there,” says Jessica, who works literally next door to this West Bay fashion outlet. The ultimate in convenience shopping. Jessica’s “girl on the moon” golden pendant was a gift from a friend. Her wooden-sculpted earrings, $25, were purchased at Watercay gift store in West End. The @ shaped ear decorations were again, purchased at So Tropic. Both of Jessica’s ears were pierced when she was only two months old, and her mother, Glenis, decorated them with four gold studs that the young Coxen Holeian still wears today. Jessica’s golden bracelets were a gift from Jessica’s mother as well. So was her one ring. “It’s silver and it had a lot of gold dots, but I lost them,” explains Jessica.
In Conclusion: Jessica’s work outfit theme is based on color-brown-which patterns on skirt, accessories, even shoes. She pulls it off easily. The difficult part is how to control your fashion spending when you work next door to your favorite fashion boutique. Jessica seems to keep her fashion in balance. [/private]

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