Jennifer Keck

November 11th, 2011

[private] v9-11-Fashion-Jennifer KeckWho & Where From: Most people when thinking about flamingoes think of Florida, lawn ornaments… they rarely think about Bolivia, or Halloween. Well, Jennifer Keck is changing all that. While she was not a scary pink flamingo at the Henry Morgan Halloween Bash, she definitely turned some necks. Jennifer spotted a few thousand of pink birds on high altitude lake in Bolivia in September. “This just blew my mind,” says Jennifer, who decided to pay a tribute to the high altitude flamingo with her Halloween costume. An army brat, Jennifer had moved around much of her life and came to Roatan 15 years ago. She has been working at AKR ever since- now as an education coordinator.
What & Why: Jennifer goes all out for the Halloween occasion and her 2011 costume was a combination of some internet Halloween shopping and things purchased at local stores. It took around 20 hours to assemble the pink. Powered by three DD batteries, the LED lights lit up not only Jennifer’s costume’s feathery skirt but, costumes of persons standing next to her. Pink spandex leggings were purchased in Coxen Hole and stuffed with newspaper, socks… to form the all important flamingo neck. Her five inch heels with platform shoes gave her costume extra height. Jennifer’s most original costume element was the paper-mache flamingo head. Painstainkenly glued and painted it was the crown of the prizewinning costume. “My head is 22 inch but I made the flamingo head 23 inches to accommodate the wig,” explained her project Jennifer. With almost engineering precision Jennifer would glue each paper-mache layer then wait 24 hours for it to dry- not a job for the planning averse. In total, it took Jennifer five days to create the head and she estimates that it was 20 hours in total to create the entire flamingo. With a budget of $120 it is an amazing bang for the buck.
In Conclusion: Americans take few things as seriously as their Halloween and Jennifer, a true American, is a self declared “costume queen.” Friends sometime call Jennifer a few days before Halloween with emergency request looking for yellow wigs, false teeth and polka-dot stockings. “When I moved here no one ever ordered stuff for Halloween. They would get a sheet, make a couple holes and be a ghost. Just make do with what you have here,” says Jennifer. Roatanians had moved quite a bit forward in Halloween dress-up attitude, especially in the last five years. [/private]

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