Jackie Fornum

August 1st, 2008

[private] v6-8-Fashion-Jackie FornumWho & Where From?: Born in the Lake District, England, Jackie Fornum- Heijting, 47, a classy and stylish Dutch lady is a ray of sunshine in West End. We caught up with her at the Waves of Art Gallery. Jackie has finished a hostess school, worked on a tour bus, secretary, au-pair, temping and a Toyota dealer. After landing a “prefect job”, Jackie left Holland when it became a position with lots of benefits but little responsibility. “Sorry, but this is not my life,” she told herself and left for Central America. Jackie landed on Roatan in 1997 to learn how to dive. “There was nothing to do here so we just played cards,” says Jackie, who eventually opened a small, street side restaurant in West End- “Keifito’s Breakfast Hang-out.”
What & Why: Gaynore from Coconut Tree Divers gave Jackie her linen khaki pants and a cotton-rayon sleeveless “Next” blouse. “I had it stored for special occasions- like traveling, but then I thought this is just to nice. So I wear it day-to-day,” explains Jackie. Her colorful, flower themed beach flip-flops, were a gift from her sister Muriel. Ellen and Puck Van der Weg gave Jackie a “happy sea-shell” necklace with blue stones. Jackie wears two hearts around her neck. Fernando, a five-year-old co-worker’s son, gave Jackie a gorgeous gold and silver heart pendant- fantastic. A nephew’s celebration was an occasion for a another gift of a heart- this time a ruby Svarovsky crystal colored one. Yet another affectionate gift from sister Muriel. A Moonstone with a silver band ring was a gift from her neighbor Sarah. . Her black cow horn earrings were made by Xenon, a la Ceiba cow-horn-jewelry maker. They are a loan from the Waves of Art Gallery. A Timex Expedition timepiece was a gift from her husband. “He likes for us to have the same watches,” says Jackie. A gold wedding band was a purchased by Jeff at a Coxen Hole jewelry shop. “They could only do letters, no numbers. We wanted to put our wedding date in there,” says Jackie showing her “J & J” engraving.
In Conclusion: Jackie believes that in fashion, quality transcends time. “I still have things from 20 years ago. A beautiful black dress with red roses for example,” says Jackie. It is the first time in the history of the Fashion Police column we have found someone who has not purchased a single item of clothing or accessories they wore. Jackie’s benefactors come in all kinds of shapes, sizes and age groups. Not only do they have good taste, but they appear not to do the “hand me down fait-pas” – re-giving. [/private]

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