Jack Everett JR

July 1st, 2010
by Jennifer Mathews Photograph by Benjamin Roberts

[private] v8-7-fashion-Jack Presly EverettWho & Where From?: Jack Presly Everett, 23, was born in La Ceiba, and, like many Roatan natives, began his life growing up on Roatan the very next day. He has worked at AKR as an accountant since 2005. A young man with an independent and responsible spirit, he lives on his own in La Punta. He is the last of three brothers that lives on the islands as the others have moved to the states. With a 16 month old daughter, Kaley Elena Everett Salgado, Jack’s first priority is settling down to raise her in the best way he can. He works hard with the goal of giving her the best education she can have, “much how my mother raised me,” said Jack.
What & Why: While Jack may have traditional values and stable goals, his fashion choices reflect a bit more of his independent side. His style is modeled after rappers such as 50 Cent and JC. “This is how I dress all the time, well, except for when I go to church,” he said. “I have a different style than the typical Spanish style. Those clothes may fit, but they don’t fit ‘right.'” Most of his wardrobe comes from the US. Dressed completely in white, Jack’s Air Force 1 sneakers, $80, were ordered from Miami. His Dickies long shorts were also purchased in the states for $60. Even his white T-shirt, $8, came from the states. Jack’s watch is practical and stylish, Lps. 1,000, complete with compass and calendar. Jack’s hair is an important part of his outfit as he visits the barber every two weeks, Lps. 70, for a fade, line up, and shape up. His black shades were a gift from a friend, worth $40.
In Conclusion: Jack describes himself as an “honest man, who would like to leave my footprint in this world.” Between his job at AKR, his dedication to his daughter, his sportsmanship – Jack plays football, basketball, and plays right and left field with the Sandy Bay Pirates – and his fashion sense, he will definitely leave a footprint and a define a fashion statement worth notice. [/private]

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