It’s More Blessed To Give Than to Receive

January 24th, 2013
by Gunter Kordovsky

Our Christmas season came and went on Utila in the right Christmas spirit.

V11-2-Utila Perspective

Gunter Kordovsky gives out Christmas gift bags to underprivileged children.

As every year, there was a competition among locals to have the most elaborately decorated house. Starting on the point one could see thousands of lights, nativity scenes, Santa Clauses and reindeer to get people in the Christmas spirit. Some of the main houses competing are usually Lupe from Tropical Sunset, Isaac Bush and the Bernards, to name only a few.

Then there was the Christmas Parade with decorated golf carts parading down the streets. Between Christmas and New Year many thousands of lempiras went for fireworks, and of course firecrackers. It was one big relajo, with paper ankle deep from firecrackers littering some streets and loud Christmas songs blaring from shops, radios, etc., since October.

Quite a difference to the Christmases I used to enjoy in my native land of Austria. There was only one car in the village where I grew up, and with three feet of snow, the only means of transportation was a horse-drawn sled, with the horse wearing little bells so one could hear them. We had real Christmas trees, all natural decorations, homemade baked ginger candies and real candles. The fragrance was fantastic! Eggnog and glühwein (mulled wine) were served, getting one into the real Christmas spirit.

Everything was natural and homemade. Snowflakes came dancing down to add a few more inches of Champagne powder to the already three-foot snow base, making for great skiing the next day.

Back on Utila, the temperature Christmas Day was 80 degrees instead of 10 below zero. The churches had special Christmas services and the traditional “Watch Night” service, where islanders celebrate the jump from the old to the new year.

Toys for Tots, spearheaded by Lance Bodden and Pat Flynn, gave treats to hundreds of kids, and we at the Driftwood Gallerie gave close to 300 gift bags to underprivileged kids in Camponado. The Tranquilo Bar made a major donation, and the Utila Dive Center and many other generous souls also contributed to this worthy cause. Part of the donations will go for school supplies.

I want to thank all who helped and wish them a prosperous 2013!

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