Island Retirement Plan: Milk the US Taxpayers

August 30th, 2013

[private]Over the last few decades I’ve noticed an amazing change in my Island people. The once proud and self-reliant people have become beggars and leeches, living off a system that was not created for them but which they have learned to exploit.

I personally know of dozens of people that have lived all their lives in Honduras, and when they became too old to do anything else they migrated to the US and have become wards of the state.

People who would not accept a favor from a neighbor unless they could reciprocate, people so proud they would throw a mutton pepper on the coals to let their neighbor think they’re cooking something, people who dined on a bit of bread but would wash their dishes and put them in the window to dry after what should have been the mid-day meal, these same people that would not steal a feather from a hen are now milking Uncle Sam’s taxpayer cow, and without an ounce of remorse.

The scheme is quite simple. Most of these leeches have sons or daughters living in the US that are naturalized citizens. The children file petitions to sponsor one or both parents for permanent residence. This petition must be accompanied by an Affidavit of Support (I-864), an enforceable contract in which the the sponsor agrees to be financially responsible for the immigrant until they become a US citizen or can be credited with 10 years of work. The sponsor must prove they have income or assets that place them at or above 125 percent of the established federal poverty guidelines.

The catch here is the phrase “until they become US citizens.” These old people can’t work, so their children get them state aid until they can file for Supplemental Security Income (SSI). I don’t know of any case where the government has obligated the sponsor to maintain their family as stipulated in the I-864.

I once asked an SSI recipient whether they felt guilty about taking money they did not have a right to. The reply was, “You receive money from the government too.” Well, that’s true. But I’m receiving Social Security Retirement Benefits. I reminded the person that during the Vietnam era, while they were here lying on the beach in the sun with a beer, I was risking my life as a member of the Armed Forces of the country that I adopted. I also paid into the Social Security system for many long years.

Giving away taxpayer money in the form of SSI to undeserving people and the extra burden placed on the Social Security system by healthy people claiming disability are two problems that should be looked into. If the US government can’t find anything better to do with that money, they should dump it into the Social Security Trust Fund and increase the amount received by the legitimate recipients.

To qualify for SSI, you cannot own more than $2,000 of “countable assets,” (if you are married, you may jointly own up to $3,000). Countable assets are basically anything of value you own except your home and one vehicle. If this rule were applied, none of the people I know that are receiving SSI would qualify. People on SSI also receive federal benefits through Medicare and other programs. What a sad affair!

On the Bay Islands there a many healthy people receiving disability and undeserving people receiving SSI. There are even people getting welfare from a US state that they visit only to confirm the address their checks are being sent to and to file their taxes to prove they live in poverty. Some of these people own huge properties, boats, apartments and even hotels. They travel back and forth many times a year to the US, something the 49 million Americans at or below the poverty line cannot do. How disgraceful![/private]

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