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February, 2007 Vol.5 No.2
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Roatan, Utila & Guanaja
Bay Islands Diving
1. Blue Bayou
2. Silver Gardens
3. Black Coral Wall
4. Pretty Bush
5. Pretty Bush Mound
6. Little Little Bight
7. Little Bight
8. Jack Neil Point
9. Jack Neil Bight
10. Jack Neil Mound
11. Big Rock
12. No Name Wall
13. Cabanas
14. Stingray Point
15. Salmedina Bank
16. Ragged Key
17. Don Quickset
18. C.J's Dropoff
19. The Great Wall
20. The Pinnacle
21. DuppyWaters
22. Joshua's Swash
23. Blackish Point
24. Rock Harbor
25. Jake's Bight
26. Iron Bound
27. Tarpon Hole
28. The Aquarium
29. Linda's Wall
30. Rebecca's Garden
31. Black Hills
32. Red Cliff
33. Rocky Point
34. Ted's Point
35. Airport Caves
36. Barra Bank
37. Moon Hole
38. Church Bank
39. Ron's Wreck
40. Halliburton Wreck
41. Lighthouse Reef
North Side-
1. Herbie's Place
2. West End Wall
3. Black Rock
4. Mandy's Eel Garden
5. Butcher's Bank
6. Herbie's Fantasy
7. Turtle Crossing
8. Sea Quest
9. Octopus Acre
10. The Bite
11. Blue Channel
12. El Aquario
13. Lighthouse Reef
14. Dixie's Place
15. Half Moon Bay Wall
16. Divemaster's Choice
17. Hole in the Wall
18. Canyon Reef
19. Fish Den
20. Gibson Bight
21. Melissa's Reef
22. Overheat Reef
23. Green Outhouse Reef
24. Pillar Coral
25. Deep Eel Garden
26. El Aguila
27. Mike's Place
28. Front Porch
29. Peter's Place
30. Bear's Den
31. White Hole
32. Spooky Channel (Wayne's Place)
33. Barry's Reef
34. Four Sponges
35. Wrasse Hole
36. Double D Wall
37. Stoval's Serenity
38. Chaz's Choice
39. Tuk's Treasure
40. Odyssey
41. Pepper Point
42. Dolphin Den
South Side-
43. Pablo' Place
44. Keyhole
45. Church Reef
46. Flower's Bay Wall
47. Insidious Reef
48. Lita's Crack
49. Connie's Dream
50. Marilyn's Front Porch
51. Elbow
52. Cemetery Wall (left),
John's Spot (right)
53. Doc's Retreat
54. Mary's Place
55. French Cay Cut
56. Mr. Bud
57. Pat's Place
58. French Cay Bank
59. Little French Cay Wall (left),
Gold Chain Reef (right)
60. Valley of the Kings
61. Forty-foot Point (left),
Ventana al Valle (right)
62. Missing Link/Menagerie
63. Newman's Wall
64. The Prince Albert
65. Coco View Wall
66. Too Tall-Too Small (left),
Doc's Dive (right)
67. Anka's Place
68. Castle Cannon (left),
Ironshore (right)
69. Inside-Outside (left),
Chimneys (right)
70. Pirate's Point
71. Parrot Tree
72. Neverstein Bight
73. Half Moon Bay
74. Carib Point
75. Key Hole
76. Casablanca
77. Pond View Wall
78. Calvin's Crack
79. Tortuga Reef
80. Silence Springs
81. Church Wall
82. Crab Wall
83. House Reef
84. Fiddler's Bight Wall
85. Calabash Caves
86. Sponge Garden
87. Carlos & Charlie's
88. Lime Key Wall
89. Hole in the Wall
90. House-eye Jack
91. Port Royal Gorge
92. Fort Key Wall
93. Blue Hole
94. Old Shrimp Boat Wall
(Jagged Edge)
95. Helene Wall
1. Tortuga Reef
2. Fantasy Reef
3. The Pinnacle
4. Eel's Garden
5. Basket Star Reef
6. Bayman Drop
7. Diane's Reef
8. Wonderful Reef
9. Paradise Reef
10. Michael's Rock Reef
11. The Pavillions
12. Alderson Outside
13. Alderson Inside
14. Sandi's Reef
15. Black Rock Canyon
16. Tito's Labyrinths
17. Sand Canyon
18. Blacktip Slumberland
19. Southwest Wall
20. Captain's Crack
21. Vertigo
22. Gorgonian's Wall
23. Jim's Silver Lodge
24. Afternoon Delight
25. Lee's Pleasure
26. Rainbow Reef
27. Jado Trader
28. Bridgit's Reef
29. Lisa's Reef
30. Katron's Cay Reef
31. Short Stop
32. Half Moon Cay Reef
33. Stephan's Reef
34. Windmill Reef
35. Mt. Elusive
36. Hector's Run
37. George's Reef
38. Caldera del Diablo
Bay Islands Activities
Iguana Research and Breeding Station: Take guided tours at the station where iguanas are studied. M-W-F: 2-5 pm.
CASS Spanish School: Offers Spanish language and culture classes on weekly basis. Contact:
Horseback riding: Utila offers excellent horseback riding tours on the beach and in the back-country bush. (425-3134)
Fly Fishing: The island's many lagoons and several lakes are a perfect place to practice the art.
Diving/Snorkeling: One of Utila's most popular wrecks is the Halliburton and the island is one of world's best sites for spotting whale sharks. Try any of the island's 11 dive shops located thought the town.
Deep Sea Fishing: Anglers can try hooking wahoos, king mackerel, mahi mahi, barracuda, tuna and marlin. Charters are available.
Gunter's Driftwood Gallery: Displays of resin inlays, wood sculpture, paintings, maps, jewelry. Look for a sign 50 m west of Mango Inn. (425-3113)
Utila Museum: Discover the island's historical artifacts, documents, furniture and antiques. The building construction will be completed by end of 2005. (425-3270)
Water Sports, Chepas Beach: Rent Jet-skis, 2-man tubes, or ride on the 4-person "Water Banana." (425-3244)
Water Cay Camping: Rent a sea kayak, or ask about a charter to visit this uninhabited cay.
Kite surfing: Learn to kite surf or just watch the adventurers on Chepas beach.

Roatan Museum & Roatan Institute of Marine Sciences, Sandy Bay: Learn about the island's history, or enjoy a dolphin skill show. (445-3003)
Canopy Tour, West Bay and French Harbour: Glide or zoom through rainforest canopy on a 200-meter steel cable from hilltop to a beach. (445-1115)
Carambola Botanical Gardens, Sandy Bay: Enjoy a hike or a picnic at this rainforest garden while watching for birds watching, wildlife. Open 7 days/week. (445-3117)
CASS Spanish School, Sandy Bay & West Bay: Learn Spanish through culture classes on weekly basis. (403-8021)
Dolphin Experience, Sandy Bay: Swim, interact and learn about these smart marine mammals. (445-3003)
Roatan Butterfly Garden, West End: The garden is home to over 12 different species of butterflies, exotic plants and tropical fruit trees. Open Mon.-Fri. 9am-5pm. (445-4481)
Iguana Farm, French Cay: The Iguana Farm is home to over 3,000 iguanas, 200 lobsters, 200 conch fish, tarpon fish and turtles. (455-5114)
Glass Bottom Boat, West Bay: Watch marine life and reef with your entire family, in comfort with a knowledgeable guide. (388-4341)
Pirate Tours, Port Royal: Take a guided tour on the Captain Merrell boat across the bay from Oak Ridge to Port Royal. (435-2576)
Diving & Snorkeling: Some of the more famous island wrecks are Prince Albert and the Aguila. Roatan has over 15 dive shops located thought the island and excellent snorkeling from the several beaches.
Mangrove Tours: Take a nature tour through Roatan's quiet, pristine and magnificent mangroves. Water taxis are available from Jonesville, Oak Ridge or Calabash Bight. (455-7841)
Shark Dive, Dixon Cove: If regular reef diving isn't exhilarating enough, try diving in a company of dozens of reef sharks. (445-1283)
Horseback Riding: Several horse stables on Roatan offer rides along beaches and trails in Sandy Bay, West Bay, West End and Palmetto Bay. (445-5841)
Gumba Limba Park, West Bay: Something for everyone: monkeys, tropical birds and a museum cave. You can catch and release fish from a pond fed by a waterfall. (445-1115)
Sea Shell Carving, Gravel Bay: Watch artists carve intricate cameos and sea shells at a Stone Castle Cameo.
Coral Cay, Dixon Cove: See a turtle hatchery, a nurse shark or just rent snorkel gear and swim off to nearby coral. (970-9837)
Deep Sea Fishing: Bay Islands' waters and banks are heaven for anglers on the lookout for wahoos, king mackerel, mahi mahi, barracuda, tuna and marlin. (455-7841)
Fly Fishing: If you want to wade in the cool waters to try fly fishing, Roatan offers packages in the east end. (455-7841)
Cayos Cochinos: A marine protected area and home to the Smithsonian Tropical Institute. You can visit it and dive with Anthony's Key Resort or Subway Water Sports or by boat from Nuevo Armenia. (386-8260)
Windsurfing School, Sandy Bay: The school offers advanced & beginner lessons and equipment rentals. (988-6431)
Spa, French Harbour: When all activities tire you out- a massage or a body wrap at a spa could bring you back to life. (991-0474)
Parasailing, West End: Harness yourself for a better view of the island from a boat-pulled parachute. (445-4335)
Catamarans, West Bay & Dixon Cove: Rent your own or go along on a sailing trip around the shores of Roatan. (455-7841)
Plane Charter, Roatan Airport: If you want to have a bird's view of the island just go on a Cessna. (445-1417)
Deep Water Submarine, West End: Ride in the world's deepest tourist submarine at Half Moon Bay. There is a shipwreck at 2,600 feet to explore & a seamount rising over 2,000 feet. (996-9832)
Yübu, Politilly Bight: This Garifuna experience center exhibits the African-Caribbean community's dancing, handicrafts, traditional activities & food. (455-6713)

Michael Rock: On this half-hour hike, you pass two Big Gully waterfalls on the way to the top of this scenic 1,362 feet rock cliff. Inquire at the airport or at your hotel to arrange your hike.
Bonacca: Originally composed of two cays that merged and submerged together, the Bonacca Cay is full of picturesque alleyways and man-made canals. Its 3,000 residents created a little Hong Kong completely built over with homes and businesses.
Diving/Snorkeling: Guanaja has a unique triple barrier reef and wrecks, including the Jado Trader. Guanaja dive shops are affiliated with local resorts.
Deep Sea Fishing: Anglers can try the island's abundant fishing waters, troll and hook wahoos, king mackerel, mahi mahi, barracuda, tuna and marlin. Charters are available.
Hiking: Hike through the national pine forest reserve and discover local fruits along the trails. Try the plentiful sea grapes, coco plums, hog plums, lemons, avocados and bananas. Trails are unmarked, but easy to follow.

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