Ignorance – Not Bliss

September 1st, 2008
by Alfonso Ebanks

[private] v6-9-Our IslandsThere seems to be a great upsurge of ignorance pervading the voting public throughout the countries of Latin America. For some reason I wanted to believe that it was because of the high rate of illiteracy in these countries; but as I look at the political goings-on in the United States of America, I have to modify my beliefs a bit. At this very moment the American people have selected from among their three hundred millions of inhabitants a man that may be less qualified for the job of president than our own great choice.

Barack Obama is a converted Muslim and a first generation American on his father’s side. Had he ever been in the US military he would have had a hard time getting a top secret clearance, yet the American public is trying hard to make him the president of the their country. What have we come to?

It seems to me that his popularity is based solely on the fact that he is only half white. The people who selected him can rest assured that he is different from other blacks in the fact that he did not sit around on the front porch listening to his grandmother tell stories about picking cotton. His father was nobody’s boy. None of the black candidates who have been rejected in the past by the American people can make this claim.

If Obama is elected president of the USA, this would be in keeping with the ongoing political trend in the western hemisphere to elect men to the highest office of the land that should be in another line of work.

Here in Latin America we have our own problems: Bolivia has its Evo Morales; Venezuela has its Hugo Chavez; Nicaragua has its Daniel Ortega; and we have our own Ing. Manuel Zelaya (the Ing. stands for Engineer in Spanish and this is an honorary title granted to him by the media, I have no idea by what authority). The really sad thing about all these men is that they were all legally elected by popular vote. This goes to prove that the people almost never know what’s in their best interest. This country has never been in such a drastic situation, and this goes double for the people of the departments of Atlantida, Colon, La Mosquitia and the Bay Islands, which all derive their livelihood from the sea. It appears that our president, in an effort to gain some brownie points with his left leaning friends, gave away half the country’s fishing area in the Caribbean.

For the last few weeks everywhere you turn there have been news reports concerning the problems caused by the closing of the Toncontin Airport and the 85 families whose lives were affected by its shutdown. Well, over 2,500 families have been affected by the loss of an important fishing area. The Honduran government has decided that the solution to the problem created by this shameful act is the reduction of the fishing fleet on the north coast. This decision must have been made by one of the geniuses who violated the laws concerning the sovereignty of the country by giving away our ancestral fishing grounds.

I can’t help but wonder how the powers-that-be will go about deciding who will have to tie up their boats. It seems to me that every time the presently ruling political party gets the power they do something fantastic, but this president takes the cake. We should not be surprised at this. We should remember that this party gave us the 14 month year (you get 11 months work but you pay for 14), the mandatory Christmas bonus (you have to pawn your house to pay it), prestaciones (you have to sell the business to pay this), and Colegio De Abogados (all transactions with the government must be done through a lawyer, whom you pay L 2,000 to get a L 800 income tax refund).

These aforementioned gifts have made us an importing country. The only thing we did not have to import was fish, but this latest dastardly deed could very well make us importers of seafood as well. His loyal party members claim that our president was not aware of the seriousness of his decision; but they must know that ignorance is not bliss if it harms others. So break with tradition, learn from your mistakes and do the right thing. [/private]

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