How to Lend a Hand on Roatan
Plethora of Non-Profits Working to Make Island a Better Place

January 25th, 2013

Liz Riggs of the Roatan Rotary Club dispenses information to cruise ship passengers at Mahogany Bay and collects donations for Rotary's bathrooms in schools project.

Liz Riggs of the Roatan Rotary Club dispenses information to cruise ship passengers at Mahogany Bay and collects donations for Rotary's bathrooms in schools project.

People who spend time on Roatan soon discover that beneath the exotic and idyllic visage seen by tourists lies considerable human need (see Culture). For those inclined to give something back to the island, there are many humanitarian organizations working to improve the quality of life for the people of Roatan. Thanks to Patty McCulla (, 3275-3366) for compiling the following list.

Abundant Life Foundation: Brenda and David Dachner, Mentor program,  bilingual school fund, college fund, housing.

Because We Care: Nidia Webster,, 9771-8028; Abraham Boder,; Facebook: Roatan Because We Care. Delivers food, household goods and school supplies to needy families, as well as holiday toys and sweets.  Distributes donations left at the cruise ship dock.

Clinica Esperanza:  Peggy Stranges, 9885-1044,,, Facebook: Clinica Esperanza. Hospital/clinic serving 1,000 patients a month, 60 percent children, as well as a birthing center. Also assists with many other projects.

Comité de Ayuda de Hospital de Roatan: Robert Hin, 3249 7529,; Indira Sanchez, Helps Roatan Hospital with improvements, fundraising and equipment.

Concert for the Angels: Helen Murphy, 9982-5560,; Ana Svoboda, 9995-1943, Annual concert to benefit health charities. This year’s concert will be February 15 at airport.

Department of Community Development: O’Niel Nixon, 3241-0253, Newly formed department to be a bridge between the Municipality and the community. Projects include a back to school program, workshops for single mothers and empowering youth.

Familias Saludables: Valerie Nelson, 2445-3118/2445-0352,,,  Facebook: Familia Saludables. Devoted to fighting the AIDS epidemic with an emphasis on caring for babies and moms.
Home Kitchen: Marco Galindo, 9991-0707. Serves breakfast and lunch to the needy in downtown Coxen Hole.

Intensive Heart Ventures: Joseph Natale, 3301-5044,, Skype: 805-624-6456, fax: 805-456-2073, Health, education, housing and youth  programs addressing needs of at risk women and youth.

Island Friends-Roatan Charities: Judith Allred, 2445-3218,, Coordinating point for donations and volunteer efforts; umbrella for many island non-profits.

Island to Island Midwife Program: Bernadette Ebanks, 9878-2759, Assists women with reproductive health and sponsors students at Sandy Bay Alternative School.

Jared Hynds Community Center/French Harbour Public Library: Joan Dixon, 2455-5260/9672-1279, Helps kids with school fees and supplies.

Lions Club: Arlie Thompson, 9998-0083,,  Donates eyeglasses and powdered milk.

Little Friends Foundation: Collette Hyde, 9995-1987, Feeds 75-100 children, as well as single mothers, five days a week. Also supports medical endeavors.

Living Water 4 Roatan: Henry and Frances Zittrower, 3334-0002,, Sustainable water system in La Colonia, a low-income area above Sandy Bay.

Luis Bogran School, Jonesville: Norma Wood and Larry Morales, 2435-2533, 3356-9226, 9582-2811, Supports 52 students in grades 1-6.

Made in Roatan: Bill and Debi Cowan, 9849-0386,,,  Gift shop where everything is made on island by local artisans. All proceeds go to helping 21 needy families.

Majken Broby Children’s Home: Lynn Fanelli, 9949-9224, (925) 932-8625,,,  Facebook: Roatan Childrens Fund. Provides healthy and safe home environment for needy children.

Medicines for Roatan: Daine Wood Etches, 3321-3533,, Procures and distributes essential medicines to Roatan Hospital and clinics.

Mentoring and Supporting Opportunities for Higher Education: Charles George Vegas, 9991-3215, Assists young people to get into and finance college education.

Mission Encounters International: Larry and Sheila Benson, (405)757-7833,,,  Facebook: Larry Benson. Works on island of St. Helene  and  the East End of Roatan.

Oakridge Community Clinic/Health in Sight Ministry: Anneth Cooper, 9923-7192,, Facebook: Health In Sight Ministry of Roatan. Provides basic medical care on the eastern end of the island, as well as eye exams, glaucoma treatment and cataract surgery.

Partners in Education on Roatan: Camilla T. O’Brien, 9884-5232,, Fosters quality bilingual education, emphasizing island culture, community involvement and effective use of technology.

Roatan Children’s Fund: Janice Carter, 3322-3624,, Lynn Fanelli,;  Facebook: Roatan Childrens Fund. Advances education and provides relief to poor and underprivileged children.

Roatan Day Care and Learning Center:  Judith Allred, 2445-3218,; Linda Hin,,,  Facebook: Roatan Day Care. Helps children of working families learn and thrive, mentally, physically, and emotionally. Combines bilingual early education and nurturing childcare with play, social skills and a dedication to community.

Roatan Dental Center: Hayman Grant, 2480-5275,, Helps kids get preventive care, such as cleaning and fluoride treatments.

Roatan Rotary Club: Mandy Wagner, 9898-0865,,,, Supports police and fire departments, schools and numerous social programs. Provides Christmas gifts for needy children.

Sand Castle Library: Camilla O’Brien, 9884-5232,, Community Center where children and teens come to read, do homework, participate in workshops, play games or just hang out in a safe environment.

SOL (School of Life) International Foundation: Dave Elmore, 9905-1030,; Mark Flanagan, 9464-6940,,, Facebook: SOL International Foundation. Supports and establishes sports programs, provides scholarships, teaching, mentoring, English and art classes. Establishes community centers that offer extra-curricular activities. Supports existing foundations with similar goals.

Steel Pan Alley School and Band: Deborah Prieskop, 3298-3448,,, US phone: (408) 465-0679. One-of-a-kind school/band that provides students 9-19 with music and an opportunity to learn and grow in a friendly, cooperative environment.

Click here for updated list from Island Friends website.

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