High School Basketball Championship

September 1st, 2007
by Thomas Tomczyk


Before a Methodist basketball players pass.

Before a Methodist basketball players pass.

For two weeks in August, four Roatan high schools–Methodist, Technico, Adventist and Church of God–competed for the title of Roatan Basketball Champions. One notable exception was the absence of the island’s biggest high school, Santos Guardiola. “They had players willing, but no teachers willing to help them even to register,” says Dr. Raymond Charrington, a coach and trainer of the Methodist basketball team.

Part of the Bay Islands Education Department sports programs, the tournament gathered 14- through 17-year-old players to decide the Roatan champion who would then go on to represent the department in the regional championship in La Ceiba.

On August 18, a finals game between the Church of God “Bay Islanders” and Methodist took place.

After a slow start in which “Bay Islanders” fell behind 14:18 in the first quarter, the game’s momentum began to shift. Church of God displayed excellent defense, and their individual players picked apart the Methodist school players. By third quarter the game was almost tied 29:30 and in the last 10 minutes, the Bay Islanders pulled ahead with some good passing and lay-up points.

Number 27, Vince Saphrey, a tall and athletic player for the Methodist squad almost single-handedly stopped the Bay Islanders team from getting to the post. The Methodist team had a few shining stars of their own: Number 10 Quincy Greenwood and Number 8 Mathew Levy

As the whistle blew, it was 49:44 for the Church of God basketballers and the two teams had the series tied 1-1. A decisive game was scheduled for August 25.

The tournament could not happen without some help from non-school entities. Pastor Glen Solomon provided the use of the Flowers Bay basketball court, and AKR brought and installed a new net post. [/private]

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