Hessie García

June 28th, 2012
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Who & Where From: Hessie García of Oak Ridge., a first-year civil engineering student at UNAH in Tegucigalpa and part-time professional model, appearing in her first major show, Summer Fashion Week Honduras 2012, at the Beach Club San Simon June 2.

What & Why: A yellow with blue print beach short and blue bikini top with white crocheted wrap from Elle by Elizabeth Santos, which can be found at the Beauty Shop in Megaplaza Mall in French Harbour, because that’s what the organizer told her to wear at that point in the show.

In Conclusion: In addition to looking great in the outfit, Hessie showed some poise and pizzazz in her first major show, appearing with seasoned professional catwalkers from the big city. Denisa Bryce, who appears on this month’s cover in a photo taken at the same show, is also a local modeling talent. [/private]

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