Henry Brown

December 11th, 2011

[private] v9-12-Fashion-Henry BrownWho & Where From: Many people recognize Henry, Roatan’s faithful distance runner, but they don’t know about him. We caught up with Henry Brown, 25, as he was heading into West End, an hour after leaving Los Fuertes on his daily run. Many people have gotten used to seeing a young man wearing a hood and slowly jogging on Roatan’s main road. He usually starts his run around 3-4pm, rain or shine. He is out there in times that seem too hot for any strenuous exercise. At other times when the rain would deter other runners from heading out, it doesn’t deter Henry. At 5’5″, he has the look of a featherweight boxer, and the stamina to prove it. “I got a cold yesterday,” says Henry. “But I just got up and ran.” With eight brothers and five sisters Henry says that his adventure with running started when he began running on a beach in Nicaragua, his homeland. Henry lives with his brother Lauro, who helped him relocate to Roatan two years ago. He says that he worked in property maintenance, but claims that he hasn’t worked for over a year. Originally from Puerto Cabezas, Nicaragua, Henry has worked for six years on a lobster boat, assisting divers in a little cayuco.
What & Why: He wears a neatly folded bandana on his forehead. The faint pattern of a tiger is still visible on it. Henry purchased it in Los Fuertes for Lps. 30. His blue sports jacket, with “Eagle” spelled out on it, was a purchase from Coxen Hole. Blue running shorts were purchased for Lps. 200 in Los Fuertes. Henry isn’t running in Nike or Adidas. His no-brand Lps. 300 running shoes are slowly falling apart, but he has run more miles in these shoes than most people ever will in their fancy, expensive ones. He wears a black, cotton glove on his left hand. “That’s the only glove I have left,” says Henry.
In Conclusion: Henry has the best stamina of just about anyone on the island. You see occasional triathlon athletes that cover long distances, but not as long as Henry’s and not every day. It’s amazing that Henry hasn’t yet been injured by any of the atrocious island drivers. “I’ve been hit by a car mirror twice,” says Henry, whose steady pace resembles Forrest Gump’s run across America. Henry seems to take pleasure in an endorphin rush he gets from his runs. He is just meant to run. [/private]

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