Help on Way for Bay Islands Drivers?
New Equipment for Issuing Licenses Expected to be Ready by Christmas

October 26th, 2012
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[private] V10-11-news-driving licenseBy Christmas, Bay Islanders should once again be able to get a Honduran driver’s license without getting their feet wet, according to the local Transit Police.

Since July, when the obsolete equipment fomerly used to issue licenses on Roatan was removed and returned to Tegucigalpa, Bay Islanders needing to obtain or renew a driver’s license have had the option of traveling to the Mainland, taking taxis, walking or (shudder) driving without a valid license.

Comisario Darwing García of the Bay Islands detachment of the Transit Police said there was no exemption from the normal requirement to carry a current license, even though it has not been possible to obtain one on Roatan for more than three months. However, he said, special permits are being issued to certain people who demonstrate that traveling to La Ceiba would entail unusual physical or financial hardship, due to special circumstances.

Speaking on the phone from Tegucigalpa in mid-October, García said officials there confirmed to him that the new machinery designated for the Bay Islands was ready to go. However, the team that does the installation and training for the equipment was in Tocoa, doing an installation there. He said installing the network and training the staff to use it took about a month. He said the Bay Islands was next in the queue for installation.

“It doesn’t depend on us,” said García. It depends on how long it takes them to finish the job in Tocoa. But he estimated the system would be installed between November and December and licenses would once again be issued on the Bay Islands sometime in December.

Even so, it might be wise to line up a designated driver for the 24th. [/private]

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