Hector Hernandez

September 1st, 2008

[private] v6-9-Fashion-Hector HernandezWho & Where From?: Not often can you smile when your spouse denounces you to the police-the fashion police, that is. Hector Hernandez was doing just that when his wife Yakara contacted Bay Islands Voice to report Hector’s impeccable clothing style. Hector, 37, originally from El Progreso, Cortez, came to Roatan via the US and Costa Rica. At 14 Hector came to United States, got married, started a Tampa painting business and 21 years later came back to Honduras. Hector, in the process of applying for his US residency, decided to settle on Roatan and start an industrial painting business. “I picked the island, because you can work without putting yourself in danger. It’s a great place to live, work,” says Hector, who admits Roatan is as far from El Progreso as you can get without leaving Honduras. “What I learned in the States, I brought to Honduras.”
What & Why: Hector’s white pants by “Producer” were bought by Yakara. “My wife buys my clothes, but I tell her what I want,” says Hector. His Kenneth Cole black leather loafers, $75, came from a store in Tampa. His light cotton, semi-transparent tee-shirt was another Kenneth Cole purchase. “I don’t know how much she [Yakara] paid for them, but I know they are expensive,” says Hector. His gray-silver Gucci sunglasses Hector found at an accessories store at West End Mall, $170. Five years before he purchased his impressive, eye-catching white-gold bracelet, $1,000. His Gucci watch, another $1,000. A wedding band, one of three he owns, matches Hector’s summer look.
In Conclusion: JHector made a transition from baggy jeans outfits to Kenneth Cole as his painting business required a more presentable look. “I was looking for respect. And you also need to wear clothes that show respect to the builders,” says Hector. It is important to evolve in your style. Many men dress the same at 35 as they did when they were 15. The idea is to develop and know your identity as a person, not to stagnate and hold on the youthful images. [/private]

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