Harriett Bush

March 1st, 2007

[private] v5-3-Fashion-Harriet BushWho & Where From?: We caught-up with West Ender Harriett Bush, 25 as she was finishing her day’s work at 3:45pm. After working for five years at Vegas Electric, Harriett has recently started working at Roatan Condo. The change of job brought a change in appearance for Harriett. “I put on whatever I feel like in the morning,” says Harriett. “This is my not dressed-up outfit,” describes her Thursday outfit Harriett..
What & Why: Black tee shirt with embroidered Eco logo was bought in a San Pedro mall. Harriett’s stretch jeans, Lps. 375, were bought in La Ceiba mall. Her black ‘Flats’ slippers/shoes with white stripes were bought a Diva store in La Ceiba for Lps. 475. Black ‘Flats’ slippers with white stripes were bought in Diva store in La Ceiba for Lps. 475. Accessories anyone? White metal watch by Fossil, $75, was a purchase at Video Picks store in Coxen Hole. A silver ring portraying two dolphins was a gift from Harriett’s brother Enrick. With four brothers and two sisters she has no shortage of siblings bearing gifts. A silver bracelet, $15, was purchased from Harriet’s jewelry suppliers, who after checking with H also supply the island’s top stores with their selection. A necklace and matching earrings with a ‘black stone’ was a purchase in San Pedro.
In Conclusion: To keep her dresser full, Harriet goes shopping in San Pedro twice a year, and La Ceiba five times yearly. “I go there to shop, get away from the island, party,” says Harriett. You can run into Harriett at La Ceiba’s Cazona and when she’s in town at Foster’s. Receptionist, accountant, casher and a snazzy dresser… Harriett can do it all and look good doing it. [/private]

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