Greener Pastures

September 1st, 2006
by Alfonso Ebanks

[private] v4-9-Our IslandsWhat is this thing about humankind that creates within their heart all of the envious forces that has bound man to material things from the beginning of time.

It makes no difference how much any one person possesses there is always that tendency to covet those things owned by his neighbor. This behavior in an intrinsic part of humankind and it can be seen in the youngest and the littlest of human children.

We adults can somehow control that urge to grab other people’s belongings but our children have no such controls and they will cry for, fight for and take by force the toys of their friends.

This human trait has been in existence for so long that many ancient writings decries and condemns it. In one such writing you are warned that to covet thy neighbor’s possessions is a sin. I feel very safe in saying that every person I know, including myself, is guilty of this sin.

I don’t know of anyone who at one time or another has not wished to have something owned by his neighbor or at least something similar to that owned by his neighbor. Even before man gave up his arboreal citizenship he fought his neighbors for food and for the most desirable position in the tree. Throughout history man has continued to fight among themselves for land, for cattle, for women and for anything else of value. With the coming of the laws most of man’s grievances were addressed and justice was meted out and man’s problems were dealt with and sometimes solved to the satisfaction of all parties. There is one situation that continues to be a big problem for some men and because of pride or some other egotistical inclination of human nature, this problem is mostly ignored by the law.

If someone steals your land or your car or your dog the law will obligate that person to return your property and the law will also demand that compensation be awarded the injured party. But if someone steals your spouse there is no law that covers that situation. In the case of a stolen wife the society encourages the husband to divorce the woman but not until after the law has obligated him to give her fifty percent of his belongings.

So, the thief not only gets away with your wife but also half of the belongings that you most likely acquired by the sweat of your brow. This law is quite unjust and it should be amended to protect the victims of this often mentioned but never chastised crime. In my opinion the cuckold man should divorce the adulterous woman but the law should not obligate the man to give the woman anything.

If the man is a real gentleman he can let the woman keep the clothes she has on her back but the law should forbid the man from performing any more acts of generosity. The partner in crime of the adulterous woman should also be chastised and the law should obligate that person to turn over half of his belongings to the injured party as compensation for punitive damages and also for the intrinsically immeasurable element of pain and suffering. The law should not take into account the permanent grin on the face of the injured party when the court rules in his favor. The litigants in this case should consider themselves very lucky because in many countries of the world the crime of adultery is still punishable by death. [/private]

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