Glenda Fernandez-Sanders

September 1st, 2005

[private] v3-9-Fashion-Glenda Fernandez-Sanders Who & Where From?: “People here [on Utila] wear what they like. What they feel comfortable in,” said Ms. Glenda Fernandez-Sanders. Still Glenda, from Sandy Bay, makes most people on Utila feel underdressed. This 42-year-old “domestic engineer” pr “ama de casa” came to the island 26 years ago from Corozal, Atlantida. We caught-up with her at an open public event held under scorching Utila sun. She dressed to match the event with functionality and a bit of style.
What & Why: White, sleeveless shirt is a gift from her cousin living in Miami. The shape of the shirt is achieved by a corset-like string in the front of the garment. The semi-transparent blouse is perfect for any hot event. The sister-in-law presented Glenda with a pair of white pants ornate with navy blue floral patterns. The cool garment arrived from New York just in time for Christmas. The pants are made of stretch material, something Glenda finds practical, if not convenient. “If I get a bit fatter, I will stay looking the same,” said Glenda. White, wood soled flip-plops with a heel matched her clothes. The “Plywood Fashion” shoes were bought by Glenda for Lps. 340. in a little store “somewhere in the center of La Ceiba.” Glenda’s white nail polish on her toe-nails gracefully matched the “white khaki” overlook of her ensemble. The plastic “Ray-Ban” sunglasses were bought for Lps 170 from “Ms. Ana at her store in front of the Casino.” Glenda loves to accessorize with gold. Still she likes to stay modest. “I don’t like to wear five, seven golden chains,” she explained. Curiously, Glenda wears two-and-a-half pairs of gold earrings. Two golden bands, and three studs. “Everyone asks me ‘hat happened to the other earring.’ Well, I lost one piece three months ago and I still can’t find it,” said Glenda. Her husband bought her one of her earrings… five year ago. The other one was purchased by Glenda from Ms. Ana for Lps. 360. Golden Bulova watch was another gift from her husband. Her golden, marine theme pendants are a gift from her son Hoyt and her daughter Ivanna. Glenda also wears a gold ring with a red stone, bought in La Ceiba for Lps 550.
In Conclusion: Her husband, a sailor, decided to stay home, while Glenda and her daughter Ivanna represented the family at the Utila Health Center opening. “Ooooh. We exchange between ourselves a lot of things,” she said about her 11-year-old daughter. [/private]

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