Giant Estrellas Crush Vida
Last Season Winners Dominate their Opponents

October 1st, 2009
by Thomas Tomczyk


A dangerous play at Vida's goal.

A dangerous play at Vida's goal.

Winning the second game in the season against the Los Fuertes Vida on September 27, champions Santa Helena Estrellas are proving to be stronger than ever.

The Estrellas dominated the first half, beginning with an immediate goal by No. 9 Ozzie Bodden. Soon after, No. 3 Jerrick Diaz sealed the Estrellas’ lead making it 2:0 Estrellas, off a header from a right corner kick.

In the beginning of the second half, the Vida kept the Estrellas on their heels with several goal attempts, leaving the Estrellas to counter. The Estrellas countered with a beautiful display of ball control, an accurate pass from the side to No. 11 Reagan Bodden, who dribbled the ball past the goalie and shot a low ball goal, past Vida’s last defender.

Minutes later, No. 9 Ozzie Bodden found himself on the eleventh meter one-on-one with the Vida goalie, who miraculously saved the Vida from yet another hit from the Estrellas. In the final minutes of the game, Estrellas’ No. 11 Reagan Bodden dribbled the ball past two players, passing the ball through one players’ legs, and firing it through the defending hands of the goalie.

Adding insult to injury, the Estrellas fired one last goal attempt, which was blocked by the Vida goalie. The Vida desperately tried for one last free kick for a goal, but were foiled by the goal bar.

The strength of the Estrellas this season could be credited with the return of two key players who have been playing pro level with Vida on the coast: No. 7 Roy Bodden and No. 11 Reagan Bodden. When asked about their return, Reagan responded, “Because of the political situation, our father [team’s owner Wally Bodden] thought it best to have the family together to play for this season.” [/private]

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