Galaxy Serves Up Brutal Defeat
Yellow Cards Galore

February 1st, 2010
by Jennifer Mathews


HomeBoyies player fights to maintain control of the ball.

HomeBoyies player fights to maintain control of the ball.

At the sports field in Coxen Hole on Saturday, January 24, The Galaxy brutally defeated the HomeBoyies 3-0 in the division tournament. The outcome was stacked against the HomeBoyies from the beginning as the team was playing light with only 10 players on the field.

The first half of the game demonstrated Galaxy’s dominance with a goal early in the game by #11 Jose Luis Gomez. Several more goal attempts were made; two were shot high, one was an impressive block of a side kick by the HomeBoyies goalie, and a fourth made it into the goal area, but was declared invalid following a flag for offsides.

The second half of the game saw increasing aggression and dominance. The Galaxy scored two goals, back to back with front goal kicks. The first was scored by #21 Darwin Marin, and the second by #7 Jerry Romero. The team also, however, racked up numerous yellow cards – three to be exact – to #22 Helmon Pacheco, #17 Armando Martinez, and #7 Jerry Romero. The HomeBoyies slipped in a final retaliation with #18 roughing the Galaxy goalie in the final minutes of the game, knocking the wind out of him and rendering him down for several minutes. [/private]

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