Future Projects for Utila
Article Three

July 1st, 2010
by Patrick Flynn

[private] The projects I have written about have unique ways to benefit the people of Utila. One is to create a beautiful beach to add to our present economy. The second will regenerate the present reef system. As with all projects for Utila, the main idea is to create jobs and income for the people of Utila while boosting the economy.

I like to refer to this project as multiply complex because it encompasses many different areas of service. It requires a sizeable piece of property to become a reality. The design is your basic square inside a square. The center is a gymnasium large enough to house indoor events. The construction can be copied from functioning gymnasiums in other countries. The seating will be the retractable style which will fold up into the walls when not in use for special events. Around the gymnasium, or the outside edge of the inner square will be different departments.

The front can be all the municipal offices so all offices are in one location, thus making it easy for the general public to conduct business with the municipalidad. The right side of the inner square houses a complete educational department. The public school system as we know here can be housed under one roof from the lowest grade up to 12th grade with a department for adult education and or university level classes or technical classes. Along the back end of the square will be a complete emergency room capable of handling the types of emergencies Utila is accustomed to. The left side of the square would house the hospital along with a complete re-habilitation center.

This is the general layout of the complex keeping in mind it can be three floors on each side. This is to be built on high ground allowing enough area around the school for playgrounds and sporting areas. The next section is hidden from sight but will one day play an important role for all Utilians. The subsection will house a complete water system on one end with the septic system on the other end. In the center of the subsection will be stores for emergency times. Since the structure will be built of concrete and steel it will become the best place for a hurricane shelter. The subsection will also house a backup generator large enough to sustain the complex for months if need be. It would became our man made cave capable of sustaining us for a set length of time or until relief arrives.

Utila is presently in need of space for a new municipal building. The challenge is most of the time each governmental department wants to own and control everything. In this case all the agencies will have to find ways to work together to make things happen. This is a challenge but one which is fully attainable.

The question is how to go about attaining the funds for any or all of the projects I have written about. Keep in mind there are many other projects we can address but I prefer to remain focused on the ones which will do the most for Utila now and into the future. I will present a few ideas as possible solutions and I am hoping others will speak up with their ideas and together we can do a little brain storming. In the end it will be those wanting to make a difference who will be at the helm guiding the future of Utila. [/private]

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