Future Projects for Utila
Article One

May 1st, 2010
by Patrick Flynn

[private] v8-5-Utila PerspectiveUtila enjoyed a prosperous week for Semana Santa, better known as Spring Break in other parts of the world. It was uplifting to see our businesses returning to normal with an increase in our economy. This article and future articles will focus on projects to help Utila grow. We need your help to suggest ideas on how to help our island grow not just for today, but for its future. I will begin this article by suggesting we focus on expanding our public beach project. Utila needs to develop alternative sources of income for future improvements, and its economic growth.

The responsibility of any administration is service to the community and having the vision for our community to become prosperous in all areas. Integrity is crucial for business and personal success in the small things, and it is the quality most needed to succeed in business here on Utila. We need leaders with a vision for our community by exploring all opportunities to improve local job prospects, creating revenue to support improvements in our community, instead of raising taxes. Overall, the average person does not mind paying their taxes as long as they are able to see the benefits from these taxes applied in our community. We need to develop alternative sources of income that can be taxed, instead of over-taxing existing businesses. As you are reading this article, yes you, can you think of any projects to help improve our community that will continue to be a practical source of future income? Do you know what the beach project is? It is fairly straight forward. The area between the Chepas Beach and the public beach, down to where the housing begins at the Blue Bayou area, would be identified for this beach project. The present owners are required to give back the beach access granted to them in the 1970’s. Under the new Honduran law, the beaches belong to the government, but these properties have deeds dating back before the 1970’s, when the land was owned down to the water’s edge. The owners met with the attorney at the Municipalidad, however not much was accomplished. Land owners, you need to re-address this subject working together as a TEAM (Together Everyone Achieves More) with the Municipalidad for the beach project to become a reality.

When the land owners have reached an agreement and all is legally recorded, the Honduras Institute of Tourism can take your legal documents, and petition the World Bank for funds under the Small Community grant department. This project is possible, with the Honduras Institute of Tourism promoting Utila as a prime vacation destination to become a reality. The current owners are not against the government developing the beach, but they want to make sure the properties will not be sold out from under them once they are developed. The beach expansion would provide Utila with a much needed second source of income to boost our economy. Looking at the businesses along the harbor that have prospered over the years, the diving industry has profited immensely. The beach project would give other businesses on Utila such as hotels, restaurants, bars, specialty shops, and future tourist attractions a much wider tourist base to draw from for their income. This creates jobs and the people on Utila will profit. Your question may be, were do we get the sand from? The answer can be found by simply looking at an aerial shot of the beach in question. The sand for the project can be seen just off the beach in the harbor. During the removal of the sand to the beach, the area of the harbor would be clean, extending the life of the beach, and inviting to our guests. This half mile stretch of land could become Utila’s second source of income, and possibly become our number one source of income as the Central American visitors enjoy the beach and discover more of Utila.

As a community, Utila needs to find more attractions to build a solid tourist base that will continue to attract future tourists to our island. We are on the right path, and we must continue to move forward with a clear vision for the economic growth for everyone on Utila to enjoy and become prosperous. Join me in reading my next article. Would like to hear from, yes, you the reader, because we need to translate our interest into sales for Utila. [/private]

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