Festival Dancer

July 27th, 2012

[private] photo-8-fashion police-webWho & Where From: A member of a dance team that performed at the Festival Turístico de la Amistad in Coxen Hole July 14 (see photo story:http://www.bayislandsvoice.com/festival-turistico-roatanisland-organizes-first-tourism-friendship-festival-201207276175 ).

What & Why: A pair of tattered black lace stockings, black leather ankle boots, short black pants, a men’s white dress shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbows, black suspenders and a herring-bone fedora; to match the other members of the dance team (only the shirts varied; most others wore plaid, like the team leader behind her).

In Conclusion: She did strike an eye-catching pose while waiting in the sun to perform, and this was one of the more interesting and original acts to perform at the festival. But the Bavarian beerhall motif, reminiscent of Clark Griswold in European Vacation, looked a bit out of place in tropical Roatan, and I’ll bet the stockings, though definitely sexy, were uncomfortable in the sweltering heat that afternoon. To her credit, the white shirt worked much better than the plaid of her companions, and the hat was a unique touch. [/private]

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