The face and values of Europe are changing. The vacuum left by consumerism and the conviction that ‘God is dead’ is answered by a growing Islam.

September 1st, 2009
by Thomas Tomczyk

[private] v7-9-My Voice-MinaretEurope and the West are facing a paradox of allowing freedom, protection, and support to Islam, a religion that negates freedom and equality and supports oppression. Europeans have not realized the paradox they are facing, and no one has figured out a way out of it. The way out of this dilemma is shrouded in the confusion of decades of education where westerners were taught that all religions or philosophies are basically equal, and deserve respect, recognition, and an equal place at a table.

Since the 1960s, millions of emigrants were welcomed in Europe and while Buddhists, Hindus and Orthodox Christians adapted to the European values they admired, Muslims created ghettos and were encouraged to live lives parallel to the western culture and Christianity they looked down upon. Muslims have increasingly lived in all-Muslim ghettos (sometimes these are police no-go areas), attend their own schools, don’t speak the language of their host country, or embrace its culture.

Of the 54 million Muslims in Europe today, 16 million live in the European Union and Islam is the fastest growing religion on the European continent. The Muslim population of Europe is growing because of three phenomena: high Muslim birth rates, immigration and conversions of non-Muslims to Islam. Since 1990, 90% of immigrants to EU have been Muslim, 70,000 French Christians become Muslim every year, and while European birth ratios hover between 1.1 and 1.4, Muslim families average 6-8 children. The trend is approaching a critical marker: Amsterdam and Rotterdam expect to be majority Muslim by 2015, Holland to be majority Muslim by 2020 and Russia and France by 2050.

When Osama Bin Laden declared he wants to “destroy the West and America,” most westerners thought of destroying building and cities. Bin Laden’s ambition channels a deeper quest of Islam and his real objective is to destroy the spirit and values of the West not by destroying their structures, but by destroying their confidence. In a 2007 video message Osama Bin Laden told Westerners “to convert to Islam,” and Europeans are following suit.

Bin Laden is not alone and at a risk of sounding paranoid I say: there is a planned, and followed, effort to Islamize Europe and West from within. This message is being preached at Friday mosque prayers and discussed at conferences of Muslim organizations.

While Christians see themselves as humble and willing to recognize their guilt and pay compensation for past wrongs, Muslims see these acts as signs of weakness, appeasement and a recognition of Islam as the superior religion destined to claim a role of domination. To apologize for wrongs done by Christianity without any expectation of accepting responsibility from the side one apologizes to is a misguided approach that will bear rotten fruit.

A false mantra that has been repeated all that time: either all religions are bad because they have “all caused wars and divisions,” or all religions are basically good as they “follow the same principles.” The West’s apologist mantra has labeled Islam as a religion of peace and if its followers are acting out violently it is because they have been wronged by the West: the crusaders, the Reconquista, West’s imperialism. It is implied that it is the West’s own fault that Westerners are kidnapped, bombed, beheaded and terrorized.

While Europeans are driven by self doubt, materialism, confusion of values, rejection of Christian heritage, Muslims are empowered by the Koranic message of supremacy towards non-Muslims and an expectation that Europe is waiting for conversion to Islam. Islam stepped into this spiritual vacuum as a religious philosophy with clear dos and don’ts, and is far better prepared to expand its flock than Christianity is.

While disused European churches have been turned into mosques, Christian leaders have developed no effective policies for saving their flock. They often support Muslim as “fellow spirituals” and ignore plight of Christian communities in Muslim countries.

When church leadership have came up with policies and statements, they are often misguided and understood as a contrition by Christians to Muslims. In 2008 the Archbishop of Canterbury, “spiritual head” of Anglicans, said it was inevitable that England would have to allow its Muslims to practice some elements of Sharia law. In 2006 Pope Benedict XVI said publically he was “deeply sorry” about the angry reaction to his remarks about Islam, which were critical of Islam, and incidentally true.

Europe is facing a rude awakening to the realization of incompatibility of Muslim and Western values. The result of this conflict is by no means certain. [/private]

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