Esly Bonilla

February 1st, 2010
by Jennifer Mathews

[private] v8-2-Fashion-Esly Bonilla PalaciosWho & Where From?: We caught up with Esly Bonilla Palacios, 22, on Cayo Mayor, where she lived the last ten years of her life. She was attending a workshop with her mother and father to develop a clean water project for the community. Originally a mainlander (born in Rio Esteban) she is passionate about Cayos Cochinos. She currently lives in La Ceiba with her sister, studying law at UTH (Universidad Tecnol√≥gica de Honduras), with a dream of helping people. “But what I really love,” she says, “is tourism, particularly for Cayos.” She caught the tourism bug by helping her brother, who works as a tour operator there. Professionally, Esly means business with a passion for both law and tourism. Combined with her sprightly yet bold personality, reflected by her colorful fashion sense, it’s a winning combination.
What & Why: Esly’s perfectly braided hair with deep purple extensions was done entirely by herself. It took two full days to complete the task. Esly loves to express herself through color and doesn’t mind the work. Sometimes she braids in yellow extensions. Over the holidays this year, the popular fashion color amongst the girls was purple. The colors for today to complement her hair are the bright colors of Mardi Gras. Elsy accessorizes with jewelry sets made for her by a friend who customizes Esly’s looks with whatever colors she requests. Today, her purple streaks are beautifully accented by the vivid green bead necklace, three strands of large and small beads, and matching earrings. The set cost Esly Lps. 120 for the custom art. Esly’s bright green tank top with yellow accents was purchased in the La Ceiba store Panayoti for Lps. 420. Her cut-off jeans skirt embellished with sequin designs was a present from her sister who is doing medical work in Cuba. Her uncle gave her the practical purple flip flops that complete the outfit.
In Conclusion: Esly’s bright personality is further accented by her love of color. Yellow is her favorite “because it’s a color that goes great with my skin,” she said. Green is her second favorite. Sometimes she wears red because it is the color of passion. “I wear whatever color I feel.” Whatever the mood, you can guarantee Elsy wears it well. [/private]

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