Elyn Woods

June 1st, 2008

[private] v6-6-Fashion-Elyn WoodsWho & Where From?: When Elyn rode into the Gravels Bay baseball stadium everyone forgot about the game and focused on Elyn. Two dozen people, both spectators and players, began cheering, shouting and clapping–all that for Elyn wearing all green and riding a green motor-bicycle. “I am a barber and I cut hair,” says Elyn Woods, 33, who lives in the Coxen Hole barrio of Willie Warren. We guess some people might have been applauding Elyn’s abilities with scissors.

Elyn is not only a stylish eye turner, but also environmentally friendly. Her son saw the eco-friendly, green ‘Fusin’ motor-bicycle at a store in French Cay. Every day Elyn rides. Sometime she pedals, but sometimes she lets a small engine kick in and propel the vehicle … up to 130 miles, powered by a gasoline mixed with a two-cycle oil.
What & Why: Coordinating to match her bike, Elyn wore all green. “My favorite color is sky blue,” says Ely, “But since the bike is green I decided to wear green.” Her green tee-shirt was purchased at a Roatan “agachon,” a secondhand clothes store. “I bought it by my brother-in-law’s place – Rosa’s,” says Elyn. American Eagle gym pants were purchased in La Ceiba. To cover all bases and be ready for any color environment, Elyn bought the pants in seven different colors. Her colorful, pattern hat completed the look. “Its Jamaican tribe,” says Elyn, whose family traces their roots to the island. Elyn found the Guatemalan hat at her father’s store close to the cruise ship dock: James Carter souvenir store. “I think I stole it,” admitted Elyn. Despite some interesting fashion items, the James Carter souvenir store might not be doing as well as could be expected. To complete her sporty look Elyn put on a pair of running sneakers Lps. 500 in Coxen Hole. Steve, a friend, gave Elyn a pair of stylish shades by Diesel. A leaf shaped gold pendant, $200, was bought at a Coxen Hole store. “I love gold,” says Elyn, with a golden smile.
In Conclusion: Working as an independent tour guide and volunteering at the “Boys and Girls’ Club,” Elyn is all about helping and playing her role in providing solutions. [/private]

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