Ellen Van der Weg

January 1st, 2007

[private] v5-1-Fashion-Ellen Van der WegWho & Where From?: It was impossible to decide who was dressed the best, but Ellen Van der Weg definitely placed in the front of the peleton. Showing her athletic shoulders in the black, strapless dress, Ellen enjoyed the spotlight at the Roatan Christmas Concert. Ellen, 40, a property manager living in West End is from Holland and has lived on Roatan for four years. Married to Robert, last year Ellen celebrated having her second baby- Vince, now 19 month by attending the first Christmas Concert.
What & Why: The gala motivated the Holland native to dress to impress. “I went for the material,” says Ellen about her all 100% silk dress by Dolce Jovan. Red on the inside, black on the outside the dress was first featured at a church wedding in Tegucigalpa. “I arrived a day before a wedding and bought this at the old Tegus mall,” says Ellen. The size 4 dress, purchased for Lps. 4,800 fit her like a glove. A single, tasteful accessory, black bag with a silver rectangle by… well. “Its Dior… authentic Dior,” says ever optimistic Ellen about her Lps. 400 purse Ellen. A very practical, Dutch, Ellen loves the idea of finding something she likes only two flight hoops away. “The important thing is you can buy these things in Honduras,” she says. Ellen high heels by Via España No. 6 were also a golden opportunity find at the Tegucigalpa mall. A black strap with a string of diamonds-like jewels. Lps. 550. A silver necklace and “at least” 20 diamonds- Lps. 300. Ellen has found the jewelry pieces at the same store as her dress. One of her two rings was a West Bay purchase- $10 three years ago and likely, like anything in West Bay, to have tripled in value. The purplish stone set in silver was purchased from one of the stands in front of Mayan Princess.
In Conclusion: Living for long enough on Roatan Ellen was surprised to find something to match her taste and expectations somewhere closer by then US. “If you’re living on this island and you go to Tegus to shop every shop looks wow! wonderful,” says Ellen. “Many people say I look gorgeous… and are amazed that bought it in Honduras.” [/private]

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