Elias Gomez

June 1st, 2011

[private] v9-6-Fashion-Elias GomezWho & Where From?: We caught up with Elias Gomez, 40, at a French Harbour HSBC bank. Elias life circles around orange… and the yellow big machines he drives are just a shade away from his favorite color… He is a driver of heavy equipment leveling land and roads all over the island. “My first job on Roatan was as a barber,” remembers Elias. “Now I drive all kinds of machines: backhoes, plows, drills. The biggest one was a 450 horsepower Panther used by the Standard Fruit on the pineapple fields.”
What & Why: His orange long sleeve shirt by American Eagle – orange, was purchased at Suzie’s Boutique in Los Fuertes – $60. “Suzie knows what I want and just brings it for me from the States,’ says Elias. His Levis jean shorts were purchased at La Ceiba Carrion – $45. His leather Tommy Hilfiger leather belt was a $60 at Handal Jackson’s store in Brick Bay… “When he was selling more than building supplies.” Wearing white, blue and orange flip-flops by Old Navy, he found at Suzie’s Boutique for $30. Rounding off the look was a pair of Rayban sunglasses – found at San Pedro Sula’s Leonardo’s for $75. “I like wearing brand labels,” Elias said as he sums things up. His Jansport jacket/backpack was a purchase at the Diunsa store in San Pedro – $40. Even his Plum cell phone ($60), had an orange cover ($6) purchased at TIGO store. “I like orange so much all my three motorcycles are orange,” says Elias. “If my wife Kathia wants to ride one, she also has to wear something orange.” Even thou there is no compulsion in religion, there seem to be a compulsion in color in the Gomez household.
In Conclusion: It’s nice to have a color to relate to. There are a couple colors that are a bit under represented in the fashion world: purple, pink and orange are some of them. Black, white and blue fill the streets in many countries: just look at Saudi Arabia for example, or the streets of Paris in the winter. Elias says that orange is a color of happiness and calm. “This is why I walk happy all the time,” says Elias. No doubt, Elias is an upbeat and smiling individual. [/private]

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