Eduardo Zablah

July 1st, 2005

[private] v3-7-Fashion-Who & Where From?: Eduardo Zablah, 51, is disputably the fashion guru of Honduras. He was one of the first Honduran models to make it big in the US and he came back to his country to spread the fashion revolution among the CeibeƱos through his own clothing line: Eduardo’s. We caught-up with him at Roatan Shrimp Festival where he helped to judge the kids fashion contest.
What & Why: His most visible wardrobe element was an “Eduardo’s” long sleeved, white cotton shirt decorated with embroidered a green and yellow flower motif. The perforations allow for improved respiration, needed on this hot summer day. “Only three of the seven front shirt buttons were pined down, giving Eduardo a relaxed, almost dramatic look. Eduardo described his guayavera type shirt, “It’s all hand stitched and detailed work. It’s four hours of work when everything is ready for tailoring.” The shirt will be available for sale at La Ceiba’s, Gallo de Oro in December. His black, silk pants symbolize the pain Eduardo is feeling after the death of his mother, who passed away only a few weeks before. They are also part of his Eduardo’s couture line. His slip-on, black leather shoes were bought in Italy for $75, discounted from $250. “Surprise! I can’t tell you what brand they are,” said Eduardo. Eduardo’s accessories are a story in themselves. “This is original Pierre Cardin watch I bought on one of my trips to Miami,” he said of his golden time piece of 22 years. Eduardo wears two gold chains around his neck. The thinner chain with a crucifix and face of suffering Jesus was a gift from his mother, who brought the medallions from Zablah’s ancestral home of Jerusalem. The other, thicker chain holds a half-ounce of ‘Credit Suisse Fine Gold.’ You never know when you are going to need a half ounce of gold. The golden bracelet is of special importance to Eduardo. “This is a gift from my best friend [Rolando Puerto] who was killed four years ago,” said Eduardo. His only ring is a gold band with seven diamonds he was given by Jean-Pierre, a jewelry designer he met on a trip to Italy.
In Conclusion: “It’s my design. It’s very personal,” said Ricardo. Combining his own creations with emotional, important symbols of his loved ones, Ricardo is certainly not afraid to walk and pave his own fashion path. Unless you are wearing no clothes at all, you can’t get any more “fashion independent” than that. [/private]

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