Digging-in in West End
Beach Volleyball Tradition Lives On

January 1st, 2009
by Thomas Tomczyk


A Night time game in West End. (Photos: Danielle FInkelstein)

A Night time game in West End. (Photos: Danielle FInkelstein)

Lying on white sand, a one-eight inch thick black, rope marks the in or out for volleyball enthusiasts in West End. The court, at SueƱo del Mar hotel, has become the new place to play volleyball.

Teams are arranged from three to six players and include locals as well as visiting tourists. Sets are played to 21 points and during breaks some players opt for beer, other than water at the courtside bar.

“We play until there is no one left to play with,” said Karl Stanley, a US West End resident and a regular at the games. The on-going sporting rivalry between him and Cuny Miller, has created a spectacle for the dozen fans watching the game.

Just four years ago Loafers Bar organized Semana Santa volleyball tournaments with cash prizes and trophies. Now times are tougher, but volleyball survives in French Harbour, Oak Ridge and West End.

Roatan is up keeping a long time volleyball playing tradition. The island produced some great players and some of them still perform internationally. Cuny Miller and James Woods represented Honduras at the 2008 Central American Beach Volleyball tournament in Guatemala City.

The West End volleyball games begin around 6pm on Mondays, Wednesday, Fridays and Sundays. [/private]

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