Devon Mclaughlin

May 1st, 2010
by Jennifer Mathews

[private] v8-5-Fashion-Devin McLaughlinWho & Where From?: Devon Mclaughlin, 18, was raised in Coxen Hole. He currently works as personal assistant to Sonja Dangler, manager of the Crooked Palms in West End. His friendly and winning personally won him his esteemed management position as, after meeting Devon at his previous job at Banco Lafisse, Sonja asked him to come work for her personally. Devon’s happy-go-lucky attitude shows: “I’m enjoying every single minute of my job. In life, it’s the same. I like everything to be chill.” Devon’s favorite pastimes are dancing, partying, and shopping – on the mainland or the Megaplaza in French Harbour.
What & Why: When we caught up with Devon outside his place of work in West End, he was sporting Prada glasses, black with red accents, were purchased at Continental in the Coxen Hole cruise ship dock for $135. His American Eagle T-shirt with white print logo accents was a gift from a friend. His relaxed fit Old Vintage jeans were purchased at Malibu in the MegaPlaza for $80, held up by a classic black leather belt from La Ceiba, $40. Devon’s outfit is completed by his faded black Converse All Stars, $80, from the Serenity boutique in French Harbour.
Devon’s accessories fit perfect with his relaxed, yet classy, personality. His stainless steel rimmed Fossil watch with a black leather band was purchased at Sun Duty Free for $145. Devon wears two distinct silver rings with aquamarine stones, his birthstone, that he bought from a visiting artist from Barbados for $100 each. He also wears a spinning titanium ring from the Mayan Princess, $50.
In Conclusion: Devon’s outgoing personality keeps him always on the go, and everyone knows him. While his style suggests a shower & go, “chill,” look, his dedication to quality of life friendship and fashion shows through. [/private]

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