Decisive Win over Real Sociedad
Arsenal Begins the 2007 Football Race with a first Win

March 1st, 2008
by Thomas Tomczyk


A save by the Real Sociedad goalie.

A save by the Real Sociedad goalie.

After three games in the 2008 Apertura season and under a new coach, Arsenal was still looking for a win. Roatan’s second division team and the 2007 Clausura champion lost Ajax, Trujillo and tied two times. On February 17, badly looking for a three-point win, Arsenal took on Real Sociedad from Tocoa.

The Coxen Hole stadium saw only a couple hundred spectators. The first half of the match was a game of attrition. Both teams fought hard, but failed to score.

When 22 players entered the field in the second half, things were about to get interesting. In minute 20, number 4 Kelty Hernandez, received a quick pass and placed the ball in the Real Sociedad’s net. The pattern of strong, precise counterattacks was beginning to pay-off for Arsenal. In minute 35, after a free kick, number 7 Angel Rodriguez placed a low kick that bounced in front of Tocoa’s goalie and made it 2:0 for Arsenal. Real Sociedad’s spirit was broken.

Putting a nail in Tocoa’s coffin, in minute 39, was number 12 Kevin Matute, who received a center and with a well-placed kick made it 3:0 for Arsenal. In the last 15 minutes the relaxed Arsenal 11 showed off their technical abilities. The Roatan players passed the ball with their heels, behind their backs and it all worked. The delighted and ecstatic Arsenal fans screamed with joy. It was a chance for Arsenal supporters to see their team relaxed and dominating.

Even with this win, Arsenal’s new trainer, Javier Guzman, has a lot to prove to the fans and team management. Guzman came from Santa Barbara’s Cruz Azul. With Lenka of El Progreso in first place, the decisive win put Arsenal in fourth place Northern Division II Group. [/private]

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