Dear Mr. President

June 1st, 2008
by George S. Crimmin

[private] v6-6-Speaking OutYou may or may not remember me. Several years ago when you ran in the presidential primaries and lost to Mr. Pineda Ponce, I met you at Fantasy Island. At the time I was serving as the senior aide to then Governor Dorn A. Ebanks, a gentleman whom you embraced back then but since becoming President have completely shunned. I would describe Mr. Dorn Ebanks as one of the most reputable persons to ever take part in public business in the Bay Islands.

Mr. President, back then you impressed me with your innovative plans and ideas for the future of our country. During the presidential contest, while your opponents ran campaigns, you convinced us that you were leading a movement-a movement which a citizenry hungry for change embraced. What has gone wrong, Mr. President? Presently you are gaining the reputation as one of the most notorious picaroons of the presidency in recent years. I have been a member of the liberal party all of my life, but I must confess that lately this has not exactly been a source of pride.

Mr. President, you campaigned on a platform of reform and promised to reduce the level of corruption in the country. Truth is, corruption has actually increased during your tenure. We have gone from being one of the most corrupt countries in Latin America to becoming one of the most corrupt countries in the world! Mr. President, do you know that many Hondurans have never attended school on any level? Do you know that many young people in Honduras cannot even establish their legal identities because their parents didn’t know that they were required to register their newborns?

President Zelaya, you are presiding over one of the poorest nations in the Western hemisphere, yet your lifestyle embodies that of a Middle Eastern Sheik. While you indulge in a lifestyle fit for a monarch of past centuries, your countrymen are stuck in squalor and poverty duly reflective of a third world country. Mr. President, you apparently have substituted cronyism and political patronage in place of competence and integrity. If Central America were a horse, Honduras would currently occupy that section right under the tail!

If you took a random survey as I have, you would probably discover that most Hondurans consider your administration to be failing at this point. Mr. President, unless you are willing and able to shift gears and change the direction of your presidency, you are laying the groundwork for the opposition party to dominate the political agenda on the national scene for the next decade and beyond. President Zelaya, there are leaders in our party who apparently would rather remain in control of a party that loses than lose control of a party that wins!

Mr. President, let us consider the facts: White collar crime is at an all-time high. Has there been one successful prosecution and conviction under your administration? Street crime has increased; juvenile delinquency is on the rise, as is gang violence; education however, is on the decline. Without a drastic change of direction very soon Mr. President, your administration is in danger of becoming one of the most futile of the modern era.

No president can go it alone, you need the assistance of competent aids. Unfortunately, Mr. President, you have surrounded yourself with yes-men, vultures, and opportunists. You could benefit from the advice of better counsel. There is an old English saying that goes: “If you do not want to reap the fruits of evil, stay out of the devil’s orchard.” In secular terms, Mr. President, the company you keep will determine the trouble you meet.

As a candidate you offered us hope and contours of change. As president, you have given us more of the same. More of the same old corrupt practices that Honduras is known for worldwide. What a shame, Mr. President. Don’t you think it’s time we turn the page? We cannot continue doing the same things and somehow expect a different outcome. That, Mr. President, is actually the modern definition of insanity.

I believe that there still exists in this country men and women of integrity who are willing to serve their president and their country. The ones you currently employ appear to be doing neither. I sincerely hope that you can turn things around. I apologize if I have offended you. But, I am totally convinced that without a new focus, your current policies and practices will not only leave Honduras financially bankrupt, but morally bankrupt as well.

President Zelaya, I truly believe that you are an honorable man. I also realize that in politics, no matter how much we know, the future has a way of forcing us to make unanticipated choices. As president however, you must be prepared for the unexpected. I am not your adversary. I continue to be a strong supporter, and I hope and pray that when the final curtain falls on your presidency, history will be kind to you. There is still time, Mr. President. Best wishes for success in the days and years ahead. [/private]

God speed, Mr. President!

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