Dear Mr. Bush

June 1st, 2007
by Alfonso Ebanks

[private] v5-6-Our IslandsI know that this may not be the right time to add to the criticism you are receiving over some of your policies, but maybe you could use some of my suggestions to get things back on track and improve your image at the same time.

I believe that special consideration should be given to all Mexicans in the United States, those that are there legally and those that are there without documentation. We must remember that it was the Mexicans who won WWII. My greatest concern is all the rhetoric that I’ve heard about the Social Security system failing. That worries me, but I have an idea that will guarantee that the SSA could meet its obligations for the next forty years at least.

You must remind the administrators of the Social Security system of that fact that this organization, when it was created, was suppose to be like a Christmas club. If you did not contribute to the fund, then you could not get benefits. Today however, there are people who go to the USA when they are old; and even though they have never worked a day in their lives in the USA, these people sometimes gets more money from the system than those who have contributed to the system.

I personally know of guys who have worked only a couple of years and go back to the States before they are even 60 years of age and claim disabilities and get big money every month.

The children of those people who got old and have never contributed to the SSA must be obligated to take care of their parents. If these old folks do not have any kids then they should look toward the churches for support, or toward other organizations that beg millions every year for poor people overseas. Part of your job is to remind these organizations that charity begins at home and to remind everyone that the US government is not a charitable organization. You should make it a federal crime for individual states to maintain healthy poor people. That’s like force-feeding a two-legged horse. There is nothing to get from that.

After you weed out these bums and goldbrickers, there is something else you can do to guarantee the survival of the SSA. You must open your borders to everyone who is healthy and is between the ages of 18 and 30. This will guarantee Social Security income for a long time. These workers will not be allowed to open IRA’s and such things, and they would have to pay the maximum payment allowed by law no matter what their salaries are. These workers will be deported on their 61 birthday and they can be deported before that if they miss one payment to the system. The latter will be deported to their native countries on foot after they have swam the Rio Grande going in the opposite direction as new emigrants.

On your problem in Iraq you must call the Pope and, if he will talk to you, let him know that we are not fighting insurgents and terrorist as is believed by some. This war is Islam against Christendom, and it will have to be fought in every corner of this earth. The Pope must convince his followers (one billion or so) that in order for them to avoid a delay on their way to heaven (bypass purgatory), they must consider all Muslims as unbelievers and infidels. Christians must do as the Muslims have taught them: They must kill an infidel so their stay in paradise will be guaranteed and upon arriving in heaven they will be presented with seven virgins and all the Italian wine they can drink. [/private]

Dear Mr. Bush, I hope these ideas have been of some help to you. If you could run again, I’d vote for you.

Sincerely Yours,
Alfonso B. Ebanks

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