Dead End Town No More
West End, Coxen Hole get New Roads

October 17th, 2011

Laden with traffic Thicket Mouth road in Coxen Hole

Laden with traffic Thicket Mouth road in Coxen Hole

West End is no longer a dead end town. A new exit in the Barrinche neighborhood has opened, a Pura Vida road has been connected with the main road to Flowers Bay and Sunset Villas road has been connected with the West Bay main road.

The new road entrances should relieve congestion and parking problems in the tourist capital of the island and create a spur of development opportunities. The roads will also serve as secondary access roads for the companies involved in building the West End’s sewage treatment system and paved road project. Laying pipe and moving dirt in and out of the seaside road will be much easier with the three new roads leading out of the congested area.

The Roatan Municipality has done all these road projects without spending a single cent. “We worked out a deal with property owners. They know that their property prices will rise,” said Mayor Julio Galindo.

In Coxen Hole, Roatan’s most bogged down traffic intersection at Thicket Mouth Road and Main Street intersection, is set to get a solution as well. On a cruise ship day it takes as long as 30 minutes for cars to get through the bottleneck T intersection by the Welcome Plaza building. The intersection is the only direct way to get from Coxen Hole to Flowers Bay.

While during previous municipal administrations there was some talk about purchasing and constructing a municipal road behind the Coxen Hole baseball field, nothing was done. Now things are moving. Mayor Galindo said that two families owning the majority of properties needed for the road-the Prices and the Fishers–have agreed in principle to the deal that would create a road from the bridge on Thicket Mouth road, ending by Sheppard’s Plaza. “We would like to go in with a tractor this year,” said Mayor Galindo. “Just before people start building houses there.”

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West End, Coxen Hole get New Roads

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