Darbie James

October 26th, 2012

[private] V10-11-fashion policeWho & Where From: Darbie James of Sandy Bay is one of the cashiers at the Fresh Bakery & Café in Gibson Bight, next to the Voice office, where we load up on caffeine at deadline time.

What & Why: When one of our advertisers was short of cash, we agreed to be paid in T-shirts, which we gave away for promotion. We gave one each to the Fresh Bakery cashiers to be good neighbors and so they would be seen by coffee junkies from West End to Lawson Rock. Darbie got bored one day and took a pair of scissors to hers to turn it into a fashion statement, and we suspect also to provide better ventilation with rainy season approaching. She says she has done this to T-shirts before (and also did a similar job on her coworker Tiffany’s) but considers this one to be one of her better efforts. She said she wore it to Nova one night and got lots of comments on Facebook wanting to know where she got it. Customers at the Fresh said they thought it looked “fabulous,” she said, and asked whether she would make them to sell. “No,” she told them. “They’re just for me.”

In Conclusion: We were impressed with what an island girl with nothing but a pair of scissors and an imagination could do to lively up an ordinary white T-shirt. Perhaps we should print up some more and have a design competition? [/private]

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