Cynthia Theberge

September 27th, 2012

[private] v10-10-Fashion Police-CynthiaWho & Where From: Cynthia Theberge, a French Canadian singer who lives on Roatan and performs regularly at clubs, bars and restaurants there, was caught by our sharp-eyed photographer at the Waterfire Music Festival at Club Natale, Brick Bay, August 31, getting into the swing of things and trying to entice the mostly sedentary crowd to get on their feet.

What & Why: A pair of loose-fitting white cotton shorts, a black leather belt with over-sized buckle, a light green crocheted spaghetti-strap halter top with fringe, red toenail polish, handicraft necklace and bracelet and a blue wrist-band indicating she paid general admission but talked her way down to the poolside VIP area.

In Conclusion: Cynthia later donned a black bikini and danced and frolicked in the pool, further contributing to the evening’s entertainment, even though she was not officially on the bill. The red toenail polish may have clashed with the green halter, but who noticed her toes (we didn’t until we were editing the image for publication)? On the whole we salute her boldness and spontaneity and thank her for making a warm evening even hotter. [/private]

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