Connie Webster

April 1st, 2010
by Jennifer Mathews Photograph by Benjamin Roberts

[private] v8-4-Fashion-Connie WebsterWho & Where From?: Connie Webster will be 25 years old in April. Born in La Ceiba but “brought right back (to Roatan) the next day,” she is pure islander. The oldest of five, she was raised in Sandy Bay, and has always stayed on Roatan. She has worked the front desk at Anthony’s Key Resort Institute of Marine Science for four years and loves it because she “gets to meet new people every day.”

What & Why: We caught up with Connie on the beach near her home in Sandy Bay. She was wearing a burgundy plaid dress, purchased at Sabrina’s Store in Coxen Hole for Lps. 750. Her white, short sleeved over shirt brought out the white accents in her dress, and was a gift from a friend. Her white fashion strap sandals held three ornate cut leather accents on the top and also came from Sabrina’s, Lps. 500. Connie’s mother did her hair with twists turning to Rasta braids. The whole process took no more than 30 minutes. Connie said she usually wears her hair in a similar style, or straight back. “I like a natural, simple style,” said Connie, as she does not often wear jewelry. Her elegance warrants no need for flashy embellishments.

In Conclusion: Connie’s fashion style of simple elegance reflects her personality as a “quiet person who does not like to argue.” She has always liked to listen and to help people, prides herself on her Christian values, and thinks she would enjoy doing future work in psychology. She has always held the role of a good listener, particularly with helping to raise her younger siblings. As for birthday plans, she is looking forward to a quiet celebration with her family. Happy Birthday, Connie! [/private]

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