Children’s Palace Defeats Puma’s
Strong Showing in Team’s First Meeting of the Year

December 1st, 2009
by Benjamin Roberts


The Puma's fight for ball control during the first half of play against CPBS.

The Puma's fight for ball control during the first half of play against CPBS.

The Children’s Palace Bilingual School (CPBS) defeated Academia de Futbol Puma’s in a 2-0 shutout during the two team’s first contest of the year on November 25. The Puma’s controlled the ball early in the beginning minutes of the match, passing the ball well and forcing CPBS to defend their half with a number of shots on the goal. The Puma’s seemed to be in charge of the match and appeared well organized in the offensive scheme. However, the Puma’s could not sustain their early momentum and CPBS soon took charge, pushing the ball forward sent a last minute mid-field dart jetting through the upper corner and past the Puma’s goalkeeper, who seemed to have no chance of preventing the score. CPBS ended the first half with a 1-0 lead over the Puma’s. Sixteen year-old Kim Elwin scored the goal and largely kept up CPBS’s momentum with help by fourteen year-old teammate Jasmine Gonzalez.

In the lead after halftime, CPBS did not look back. The second half began right where it left off with the Puma’s looking disordered with their ball movement and seeming exhausted by their constant defensive efforts against the continually pressing offense of CPBS. Unable to defend against the more structured play of CPBS, the Puma’s soon became frustrated with the constant barrage of shots on goal. The momentum was now largely in the hands of CPBS and the mostly youthful fan base of the Puma’s had grown uneasy. This was clearly illustrated by the discouraged goalkeeper of the Puma’s who, late in the game, walked straight off the field in the middle of play, returning only to field a last minute successful free kick by Elwin, ending the game 2-0. [/private]

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