Carmen Jeslin Collins

May 1st, 2008

[private] v6-5-Fashion-Carmen Jeslin CollinsWho & Where From?: Carmen Jeslin Collins, a bilingual secretary and independent tour guide, was born in Coxen Hole. We ran into Carmen, a mom to three children, as she for the first time in her life observed the April 12 memorial celebrations of the Garifuna arrival on Roatan.
What & Why: Carmen wore a bone-colored embroidered shirt with embroidered flower pattern by Alfred Dunner. The shirt is made of polyester and cotton blend, bought all the way in Belize City- $10. With her shirt Carmen wears a golden Bible-inspired pin. It was given to Carmen for volunteering at the senior citizen day. Her blue stretch jeans were found at a Carrion store – Lps. 230. Solid, straight, flat heel shoes with woven brown fabric – also a Belize City purchase – $5. Carmen’s black leather purse by Nine West was a gift from Carmen’s school time friend Jean living in America. Her imitation Diesel, brown, stylish sunglasses were bought in Belize City – $12. “I like the shape of the shades like this,” says Carmen, sporting them on her head. Her white bead earrings with white metal hooks were a gift from friend Janette McBride. Carmen’s SK watch/bracelet, a very, very decorative watch, was also a gift from Janette. “She is kind of my best friend. She gives me all my gifts,” Carmen says about Janette. The watch doesn’t even look like a watch at all. It’s metal with screens and blue stones meant to resemble an insect-like bracelet.
In Conclusion: “Presentable dressing up. Enjoyable time,” Carmen said, describing her attire. “I like to dress modest.” Carmen, like many separated and divorced people, has a dilemma over what to do with her wedding ring: take it off, keep it on. Carmen, separated for three years, decided to switch the location of her wedding band and now wears it on her right hand. Carmen’s marriage lasted for 29.5 years. “He told me I was in church too much,” says Carmen. “But he found me in church.” A gold ring with a Leo’s birth stone, amethyst, Carmen wears on her right hand. This is the break-down according to Carmen: engagement is the second finger, marriage is middle finger, with some variations. [/private]

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