Canadian Retiree Shot in Corozal
A prominent Saskatoon architect is likely to be a quadriplegic

April 1st, 2009
by Thomas Tomczyk

[private] Retired architect Roger Walls, 71, from Saskatoon, Canada, was shot on his nine-acre Corozal property on February 27. A worker clearing Walls’ land found him unresponsive in the driver’s seat of his red Mitsubishi Montero.

The worker contacted Corozal resident Elmer Bustillo, who drove Walls to the Coxen Hole public hospital. Bustillo says that Walls was still conscious but unable to speak due to a gunshot wound in the neck. Reports state that legal and personal documents were stolen from Walls, but Bustillo says that Walls was found with around 18-19 thousand Lempiras in his possession.

Walls was flown to San Pedro Sula where a .45-calibre bullet was removed from his spine. On March 7 Walls was transported via air ambulance to Florida and then Saskatoon where he remains in stable condition at an intensive care unit. Walls lost two vertebra in his spine and is likely to be a quadriplegic. According to Vic Walls, Roger’s brother, he is improving on daily basis.

Walls lived on his sail boat “Wandering Spirit” in French Harbour since 2003. He was constructing a home on his property in Tres Flores and had purchased several other properties on the island. According to Julio Benitez, Bay Islands Chief of Police, no arrests have been made.

As reported by Canadian press and according to Vic Walls, Roger’s brother, the main suspect in the shooting is a woman who is reportedly one of three people who owes Walls money. Over the last six years, Walls has purchased several distressed properties on Roatan and has lent large quantities of money to several people. Vic Walls has offered to pay for any willing Honduran official’s expenses of flying to Canada in order to take depositions that would help in solving the case. [/private]

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