Byron McLaughlin

April 1st, 2009

[private] v7-4-Fashion-Byron McLaughlinWho & Where From?: Byron McLaughlin, 22, hails from Punta Gorda and works at the Santos Guardiola Credit Union, after coming back from a one year Miami sojourn in December. In Florida Byron was taking a paramedics course and working as a bookkeeper. “I like doing book keeping, I like numbers and I am a business man,” says Byron, “and I like fashion most of all.” A couple days before Semana Santa, he is starting a fashion import business.
What & Why: Byron’s blue suede leather loafers, a Perry’s brand, are a gift from Byron’s sister Alana. Faded Glory sweater was purchased at a Ross store in Miami. “The sweaters are much in fashion right now,” says Byron. While the sweater is a women’s style, we say: sometimes you have to break the rules to look good. The $9 cotton-polyester blend shirt by Piattelli was alos bought at Ross in Miami. Byron didn’t like the office shirt everyone was wearing and invested in his own version of the Cooperativa uniform. “I have a pink tie to go with the uniform, but it just gets too hot in the office,” says Byron. His Fossil watch is a gift from his brother Lanny, who lives in Alabama. Another family gift, aviator sunglasses ($39 at Tanya’s Boutique), were given by Byron by brother Shalon who works at RECO. Black cotton pants were a gift from Byron’s brother Ryan.
In Conclusion: With offices in Coxen Hole, Los Fuertes and in Oak Ridge and 24 employees working at the Cooperative, the fashion competition is fierce. Byron is surely staying above the fray and ahead of the pack. “I like to be ‘jokie,’ like to have fun, but not rough fun. No drinking or smoking, I am a church-going guy,” says Byron who attends the Church of God Universal. “Church, work, home is how I live.” The key to life is balance and Byron tries to live this principle. “There is nothing better than living on this island where I belong,” says the cool dressed cat. [/private]

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