Brookeshield Dixon

August 1st, 2011

[private] v9-8-Fashion-Brookeshield DixonWho & Where From: We were formally introduced to Miss Brookeshield Dixon, 24, a La Ceiba transplant now living and working on Roatan while attending the Flex-Appeal sponsored Birthday party held in honor of its owner Mr. Dale Rickman 35. (35 again? his friends chanted). The lavish party was held this year at Club Natale Bay Villas in Brick Bay. Brookeshield can never be accused of being a wallflower because she was very willing to talk with us about her private life and her current attire that consisted of various articles of clothing and accessories she had gathered from here and there and everywhere. She is currently the activities coordinator at Parrot Tree Plantation and moonlights as a TV host on channel 9’s popular Island Style show.
What & Why: Even wearing common everyday flip-flops with no heels, she stood a commanding 5’7″ tall. The sandals were a gift from her mom which had sentimental value. The next item of clothing was the brightly colored plaid short shorts purchased at Mega Plaza Mall on Roatan at the Nichita store for Lps. 220. The most interesting part of the ensemble was a beautiful, although tiny halter-top type bikini purchased in Rome, Italy by Brookeshield herself; the cost, 80 Euros. How she got there is another story altogether. Her crystal bracelet was a gift and she honestly did not remember who the giver was. Her large dangling earrings were gifts from the same mom who decorated her feet. We found no other jewelry on her person and yet she looked totally complete.
In Conclusion: The young lady was extremely comfortable in both her outfit and in her position in life. She seemed to enjoy everything she does, and looks forward to doing much more. We asked why she had not entered the bikini contest that evening and the simple answer was that in her haste to get from work-time to play-time, she forgot to pick up her bikini bottoms, hence the stylish shorts substitution. But when you think about it, being chosen as this month’s Fashion Police subject is a heck of a consolation prize to any old bikini contest. Now her resume is complete. [/private]

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