Boxes? What Boxes?

August 1st, 2009
by Alfonso Ebanks

[private] v7-8-Our IslandsMario was worried. It was Sunday and he did not have enough money to pay for his contracted lottery. Every Sunday morning he had to come up with 250 lempiras to pay his lottery seller to guarantee that she would not sell his favorite number. Mario searched his pockets again and all the cash he could find was 50 lempiras. He needed 200 more. He ambled down the main road in El Pichete wondering where he could borrow the money he needed. Half way down the walk he spotted a group of people in single file as if waiting their turn at something. After taking a good look at the crowd he thought to himself, someone must be giving away something. He quickly got into the line and then asked: “What’s going on?” Someone replied: “Some guy is paying two hundred lempiras cash to each person that puts their mark on a ballot and places it in the urn.” He further inquired as to the nature of the voting and was told that it had to do with the ‘Cuarta Urna.’

Mario stepped out of line, he was certain that he would have nothing to do with anything the liberals were scheming. He was a born nationalist. He checked the line more closely and found many people from his own party awaiting their turn to vote. He asked one of them why and the reply was: “Two hundred pesos are two hundred pesos compadre!” Two hundred lempiras would come in handy today and if Mario was not able to pay the lottery seller and his number came up a winner he would lose a lot more than his pride. He asked his dead father to forgive him and got back into the line.

Mario did not get to vote because before he got to the door of the building the news broke that the great leader had been arrested and whisked away to Costa Rica. Confusion descended on the voting place as the person in charge called his superiors, but got no answer on his cell phone. Mario knew the person in charge so he walked over and asked the guy for a loan of 200 lempiras and he assured the potential lender that when ever they got it straight he would be willing to vote for the President of all the Hondurans. They never got it straight because the news that the president had been deposed was true.

Mario rushed over to the Cay and started looking for another voting place but never found one, apparently the only place that had opened for business was in El Pichete. The days leading up to Sunday had been a confusing time for the followers of the president in Guanaja, mostly because all three biggies of the liberal party were out of town. The ballot boxes for the referendum were shipped in on SOSA under the guise of “didactic material” for the Guanaja public school on the Cay.

The directors of the school were unaware of what the box contained and delegated the pickup of the shipment to a student. The student took the material home on Friday and left it on his upstairs front porch. The student was unaware of what he had until early Sunday, June 28 when the person from El Pichete came looking for the ballot boxes. The student was promptly reprimanded for having handled so carelessly something of such importance. The student replied: “had I known what was in that package I would have dumped it in the canal.” Sunday had been a bad day for Mr. Zelaya and his followers. The President was arrested, supposedly for treason and violations of articles in the constitution of the republic of Honduras.

Maybe he needed arresting but along with him they should have arrested all those politicians that took his money when this whole Chavista movement started. Those corrupt congressmen approved the joining of the ALBA and took the tractors Chavez sent. I can’t believe that they did not know that there were strings attached. It should also be illegal for the two persons that are in-line for the presidency to instigate the procedures for deposing the duly elected president. In this day and age a coup d’├ętat sends a foul smell into the international community as there are other ways to get rid of a president.

Sunday turned out to be a great day for Mario, around noon when the winning number was declared to be 05, Mario leaped for joy, he had the winning number and his prize was over 16,000 lempiras. [/private]

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